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Coshocton County intends to apply to the Ohio Development Services Agency for funding under the Community Development Block Grant ( CDBG ) Small Cities Program , HOME Investment Partnership Program and other related federally-funded programs administered by the State . The County is eligible for several different types of program year 2021 programs providing the County meets applicable program requirements . These programs include but are not limited to : CDBG Community Development Allocation Program , Residential Public Infrastructure Program , Economic Development Program , Neighborhood Revitalization Program , Critical Infrastructure , Downtown Revitalization Program , Targets of Opportunity , CARES ACT and Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program ( CHIP ).

Updates shared on the second dose of vaccine

As the Coshocton County COVID-19 vaccine clinic continues to provide the first dose of the vaccine , there have been many questions about when will citizens get the second dose . Following the first dose , the second dose is given approximately 28 days later .
Those who have received their first dose through the Coshocton County vaccine clinic will receive a call approximately 28 days later to schedule the second dose . Do not call the call center to schedule an appointment for the second dose . You will be contacted .
For more information on Ohio ’ s phased vaccination approach , visit www . coronavirus . ohio . gov / wps / portal / gov / covid-19 / covid-19-vaccination-program .


Ohio will have an estimated $ 80,000,000 to distribute statewide . Coshocton County may be eligible to apply for approximately $ 200,000 in CDBG Community Development Allocation Funds , $ 500,000 in Critical Infrastructure , $ 750,000 in Neighborhood Revitalization and / or limited funds for Downtown Grants ; $ 750,000 for Residential Public Infrastructure and $ 500,000 for Economic Development Programs , limited funding for Targets of Opportunity and $ 700,000 in CHIP Housing funds . CDBG Community CHIP and Development Grant applications are due to the State in June 2021 .
The first of multiple public hearings will be held on February 22 , 2021 , at 10:00 a . m . at the Coshocton County Commissioners Office , 401 ½ Main Street , Coshocton , Ohio 43812 to provide citizens with pertinent information about the CDBG , HOME and related programs , including an explanation of eligible activities including , but not limited to : handicapped access improvements , economic development projects , street , water , drainage and sanitary sewer improvements , park improvements , demolition , rehabilitation of public facilities and rehabilitation of housing and neighborhood facilities . The activities must be designed to primarily benefit low-to-moderate income persons or aid in the elimination of slums and blight .
Citizens and organizations are encouraged to attend this meeting in order to obtain additional information about the available grant programs and provide input on the County ’ s CDBG / HOME programs . We do have COVID-19 restrictions in place in our office and limit the in-person attendance . If you wish to attend the meeting , please call the Coshocton County Commissioners office at 740-622-1753 by February 19 , 2021 so that we can make arrangements for your attendance .
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