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November was National Diabetes Awareness Month COSHOCTON - Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. Sometimes your body doesn’t make enough or any insulin or doesn’t use insulin well. Glucose then stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells. Over time, having too much glucose in your blood can cause health problems. Although diabetes has no cure, you can take steps to manage your diabetes and stay healthy. Symptoms Diabetes symptoms vary depending on how much your blood sugar is elevat- ed. Some people, especially those with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, may not experience symptoms initially. In type 1 diabetes, symptoms tend to come on quickly and be more severe. Some of the signs and symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are: Increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hun- ger, unexplained weight loss, presence of ketones in the urine (ketones are a byproduct of the breakdown of muscle and fat that happens when there's not enough available insulin), fatigue, irrita- bility, blurred vision, slow-healing sores, and frequent infections, such as gums or skin infections and vaginal infections. (If you suspect you or your child may have diabetes, contact your doctor.) Prevention Type 1 diabetes can't be prevented. However, the same healthy lifestyle choices that help treat prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes can also help prevent them: RV Boys Bowling begins season NEW PHILADELPHIA - On Saturday, Nov. 23, the River View Boys Bowling Team began their season in New Philadelphia at the TCC Thanksgiving Classic. Leading the way for the Black Bears were seniors Ian Keneda and Brice Starcher. The Bears will be back in action Wednes- day, Dec. 4. Contributed | Beacon The Beacon P O S I T I V E LY C O S H O C T O N C O U N T Y Visit our website at: Prairie Chapel Church for Cabin Fresh and Cabin Filter! OIL CHANGE, & 23 POINT INSPECTION $34.95 Excludes diesel and synthetic oil vehicles. NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SALES TAX OR SHOP SUPPLIES GET ENROLLED TODAY! DECEMBER 4, 2019 OFFERS EXPIRE DECEMBER 31ST, 2019 Medicare open enrollment begins October 15 th , 2019 thru December 7 th , 2019. ANNUAL WHERE: Prairie Chapel Church WHEN: Sat. December 7 th , 2019 TIME: 9:00AM - 2:00PM 1921 Otsego Ave, Coshocton 740.622.3936 • 866.622.0207 Open enrollment for Individual Marketplace Insurance is from November 1 st , 2019 thru December 15 th , 2019. 45494 Co. Rd. 23 & St. Rt. 36 Coshocton, Ohio 43812 740-622-3992 S ALE Ram nutrition education program designed for people with diabetes and their family members or caregivers. In a series of four classes, cooking demonstrations will help participants learn healthy techniques to use in their own kitchens. The program includes sampling healthy foods and discussion with a dietitian or certified diabetes educator about skills to manage diabetes. Be on the lookout for information be- ginning early next year on how to register for this informative program. Tammy Smith is director of nursing for the Coshocton County General Health District. $ 94.77 C OOKIE • Eat healthy foods. Choose foods lower in fat and calories and higher in fiber. Focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Strive for variety to prevent bore- dom. • Get more physical activity. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day. Take a brisk daily walk. Ride your bike. Swim laps. If you can't fit in a long workout, break it up into smaller sessions spread throughout the day. • Lose excess pounds. If you're over- weight, losing even 5 percent of your body weight — for example, 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) if you weigh 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) — can reduce the risk of diabetes. A huge part of managing diabetes is developing a healthy diet. OSU Extension Office will again be of- fering Dining with Diabetes in the spring of 2020. Dining with Diabetes is a cooking and Tammy Smith | Contributed Stacy Guilliams at 740-622-3347 or email me at ,LLC 740-622-3347 • THE BEACON 25