The Coshocton County Beacon December 4, 2019

FREE! The Beacon P O S I T I V E LY C O S H O C T O N C O U N T Y By Mark Fortune COSHOCTON PALLET & DOOR 23222 CR 621 Winter SPORTS 2019 2020 COSHOCTON • RIDGEWOOD • RIVER VIEW GYMNASTICS BASKETBALL BOWLING CHEERLEADING SWIMMING WRESTLING The Beacon P O S I T I V E LY C O S H O C T O N C O U N T Y High School Winter Sports Pages Inside! See pages 12-18 & 29-33 Coshocton County’s locally-owned newspaper New memories made at Lions Club music and comedy show FOR ALL YOUR LUMBER NEEDS • • • • • • FREE! • Dec. 4 - 10, 2019 • Vol. 12 • No. 32• Mark Fortune | Beacon Fun was had at the Lions Club Show Two members of the comedy crew, Karl “Grumpa” Rinehart and Chris “Dimples” Sycks, enjoy the “TV Memories” part of the 62nd annual Warsaw Lions Club Music & Comedy Show. Featuring television favorites from the 70s, 80s and more, the theme song from “All in the Family” drew a lot of laughs from participants and crowd alike. The “stogies” are actually pretzel rods. Several members of the chorus are pictured in the back- ground. The show was held at River View High School on Nov. 23-24. MLS # 4137592 $79,000 MLS # 4110951 SEE SHOW ON PAGE 19 MLS # 4047855 Debbie Marc Lacy Kelly Paul Bratton Jessica Robert Myers Williams Bennett 740.502.3074 Shrimplin Auctioneer 740.502.1589 740.502.6692 740.327.6331 740.502.6095 740.502.0487 $175,000 MLS # 4140138 Jim Shanklin $195,000 WARSAW – The folks that stepped up to take on the Warsaw Lions Club 62nd annual Music and Comedy Show “Memories in the Making” knew they had big shoes to fill. Rolanda Hunt stepped into the role of director and Dairel Kaiser was the master of ceremonies. “Memories in the Making” was presented to a large crowd at River View High School on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 22 and 23. The show was dedicated to the loving memory of Lions Club show family member Elaine Jensen. Filled with skits, comedy acts and the fan- tastic musical performances that the show is known for across the region, the 62nd annual presentation rocked the house and allowed people multiple reasons to laugh. The River View Certified Gold choir per- formed on Saturday evening, accompanied by Jane Crow and under the direction of Dawn Anglin. Donovan Rice and Audrey Phillips led the charge as co-producers to make sure that the “show went on” and it did. Phillips said that being able to continue the tradition means a lot to her. “Years ago I was asked to partici- pate and be a soloist and at that time they did not have auditions, you had to be invited. To be able to be a part of it after moving away and coming back is great. It’s a great fundraiser for the Lions Club; the money goes back into the community. This is like a family that gets together once a year to do this. $94,500 John Thomas BeLinda Christy Darlene Kyle 740.502.4342 Lacy Dickerson Guess Myers 740.294.8869 740.507.0664 740.502.2920 740.502.2383 740-622-3669 • 218 Cambridge Rd., Coshocton 0027_120419 •