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December 31 , 2020 The Beacon • 3

A year to forget and remember

It does seem somewhat ironic the final column of this year would be in an issue of “ The Beacon ” dated Dec . 31 , 2020 . I tried really hard to come up with a headline for this week ’ s column that would be insightful and something you would remember . You know , one of those headlines people talk about for months and years to come . You will just have to accept my feeble attempt . And perhaps the headline should go the way of the dodo bird anyways considering this year .
What will we take away from this year ? Sure , we can all ponder our own thoughts and struggles as we dealt with all the COVID-19 pandemic brought to bear . We could assign blame to our leaders if we want . But why ? It doesn ’ t solve anything does it ? All the time and energy we have wasted on that could be used to actually help someone who is really struggling to get through this crisis .
Our populated world will continue to face these challenges . A new strain of the virus ?
I am getting off track . The people who are the real heroes of this global pandemic are not the politicians . Would all healthcare workers please stand up ? How about all of our first responders ? Let ’ s ask all of our teachers and administrators to stand tall and be applauded as well . I truly don ’ t know how you did it . I really don ’ t .
How about all of the parents and guardians , grandparents and relatives who watched the youngsters at
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home and assisted them with their remote learning ? What about everyone who stepped in to help those who are “ technology challenged ” during this crisis ? I have difficulty just getting on Zoom for gosh sakes . Big brothers and big sisters stand tall .
Let ’ s recognize our small business owners . We know this year has been an extremely difficult one to maneuver through — your tenacity and perseverance is worthy of applause as well .
There are many who will have an empty spot at the table this holiday season as the COVID-19 virus has taken its toll on our very own community . Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you .
For others , a loved one may be in the midst of their own fight against the COVID- 19 virus . To all of those in the healthcare world who are helping them heal , bless you .
And last but certainly not least , let ’ s remember our elderly , the shut-ins , the lonely and all of those who will be without their loved ones during this season as we celebrate the holidays in a different way .
When we raise our glass to welcome this New Year , the words “ To Your Health ” couldn ’ t ring truer . Happy New Year .



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been a member of The Salvation Army all of her life and has seen how much they love and take care of the community . Now she has a rare form of sarcoidosis that has confined her to a wheelchair . She was in hospice a year ago until last August .
“ I didn ’ t think I would make it , but I am here this Christmas because of the many prayers and God ’ s love and healing ,” she said . “ I can ’ t help in the community anymore , but I can take care of my grandson Miles . He is my pride and joy . We are so grateful to the community for giving to help us . We ’ re beyond blessed .”
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