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Dr . Gwinn retires after 40 years of family practice

By Jen Jones
On the night before his last day in his office , Dr . Bob Gwinn had mixed emotions .
“ I work with such good , good people . They are such a joy to work with . I ’ m going to miss being around them ,” Gwinn said .
But Gwinn also is

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looking forward to retirement and all the excitement that will bring . “ When I think about retiring , I ’ m midway between terrified and jubilant .”
While Gwinn is looking forward to what life brings next , he isn ’ t completely leaving . “ I ’ m still going to be with the EMS ( as medical director ), hospice and CBHC . These are passions of mine . I can ’ t give those up ,” he said .
Traveling with his wife , Kathy , is high on his list of what he wants to do .
“ Maybe we ’ ll visit every national park in the United States . We ’ ve talked about renting an
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apartment somewhere in Europe and visiting lots of places . We both love seeing different parts of the country and experiencing new places . I ’ m ready to try something new and see what happens ,” Gwinn said .
Gwinn said being a doctor took a lot of time and energy away from his family . “ It ’ s a huge investment . I ’ m ready to devote that time and energy to my family . It ’ s exciting to think about ,” he said .
Gwinn said in his 40 years of being a doctor , the toughest part has been the healthcare system . “ All of the insurance changes and the lack of a coordinated , consistent healthcare system has always been a challenge . It put limits on the way I could practice medicine ,” he said .
On the flip side , the people Gwinn has met and gotten to know are the biggest joy of his career . “ They are hard to say goodbye to — all of the life experiences that my patients and coworkers and I have gone through together , watching babies grow up , have children . It ’ s just been a very rewarding career ,” he said . “ I was talking to my mom the other day , and I told her I can ’ t think of anything I would have rather done for a career .”
Gwinn said he knew when he was 11 he wanted to be a doctor . “ It was in Boy Scouts . We learned first aid , and I knew that ’ s what I wanted to do . I thought at one point of being a paramedic , but it ’ s always been
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something in the medical field ,” he said .
Coshocton Regional Medical Center CEO Stephanie Conn said , “ Dr . Gwinn has been a tremendous asset in improving the health of the Coshocton community during his many years of service . We are very honored that he spent part of his professional career as a vital part of our organization . His genuine commitment and compassion to his patients is unmeasurable . Although he will be greatly missed , we wish him the happiest of retirements .”
“ I moved from California to Cleveland to Coshocton . It was quite a shock , but it ’ s such a wonderful place , and I ’ ve enjoyed it all ,” Gwinn said .
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