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Meet Jodi Shrimplin - Leadership Class of 2021

Jodi Shrimplin is a Coshocton County native with both sides of her family from Coshocton . This 2002 River View graduate was in National Honor Society , the Gifted & Talented Program , Letterman ’ s Club and attended the Ohio State University her senior year . She continued her education there and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology with a minor in philosophy .
Shrimplin and her husband Trey were living in Columbus when she began to explore a combined master ’ s / PhD program at the University of Wisconsin . She became pregnant with their first child , Connor . They couldn ’ t see raising a family in Columbus and wanted to be near
Jodi Shrimplin
family with the ability to have land / opportunities available in Coshocton .
Shrimplin was a stayat-home mom until her kids were old enough for her mom to watch them . During that time she began making her own baby food and lotions and became a Norwex consultant , promoting chemical-free living , something she is passionate about . She also is a substitute teacher for River View Schools , works for the Coshocton County Board of Elections and is the head gardener / education coordinator for Clary Gardens .
Shrimplin said , “ Jobs in Coshocton have allowed me the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom .”
Shrimplin is the founder of the River View Community Clothing Drive , a project she started in 2014 when she saw there was an unmet need . She also mentors River View senior projects , is a member of the Coshocton County Herb Society and assists with set-up in the Agricultural Hall of the Coshocton County Fair . She is a member of the Clary Gardens Fundraising

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Committee and a former board member for the Pomerene Center for the Arts and the Coshocton Farmers ’ Market Board .
Shrimplin had wanted to go through Leadership Coshocton for a long time and was excited when Jandi Adams , Clary Gardens executive director , gave her the application . She has always been a leader and was part of a talented and gifted group in high school but wanted to learn about leadership as an adult . She hopes to become more effective in the community , be an advocate for things she is passionate about , and increase her comfort level and communication skills with other adults .
Like many , Shrimplin ’ s view of the community has evolved over the years . When she was younger , she wanted to get out , but as she got older , she said she learned to appreciate the tightness of the community and has been inspired by the rehabilitation and people trying to be positive about the community . She wants local people to be proud of where they ’ re from . She ’ s proud of the accomplishments at Clary Gardens and likes being part of the rebirth of Coshocton .
To make the county stronger , Shrimplin wants to find ways to keep youth here . She ’ s not sure what that is but stresses the need to find it .
“ Find things that make kids want to stay here — not just jobs , something that is mentally engaging ,” Shrimplin said .
Shrimplin referenced her own graduating

Say Cheese

class . She said it is spread out all over the country doing great things . “ Why can ’ t they do these things here ?” she said .
Shrimplin would recommend Leadership Coshocton to others as an opportunity to learn about the community . “ Anyone that lives here should participate ,” she said . “ It ’ s important to know what ’ s going on ; you can ’ t make changes if you don ’ t know what or how to change .”
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