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CCYL starts year with 2-day opening retreat

The Coshocton County Youth Leadership opening retreat was held July 17-18 .
For our first meeting as the CCYL Class of 2023 , Shelly Pane and Casey Claxon met us at Salt Fork Lodge and helped us through activities to learn more about being leaders . We also completed activities designed to push us out of our comfort zones to lead others and activities to uplift each other .
During one activity , all but one person was blindfolded . The person who could see had to stand in the back and lead everyone in a line and see how many things we could pick up
off the ground . No one was allowed to talk , and it showed us how to be better leaders by figuring out a way to communicate and overcome that challenge .
Another activity we completed had us circle statements about ourselves we thought were true . After , we totaled the number circled per category , and whichever was highest was our most similar alignment . This alignment allowed us to create groups of four based on the four
alignments , creating a group that would balance and lift each other up .
Everything we learned and will continue to learn throughout our time in Coshocton County Youth Leadership will help us better our community and let us be servant leaders for others .
If you have any questions concerning CCYL or want to know more , call or email Executive Director Betsy Gosnell at 740-622-0010 or bgosnell @ coshoctonfoundation . org .
This column was written by CCYL class member Georgia Haines .

DEARYAN from Page 16

1 / 4 teaspoon salt 1 / 2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 / 2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Place the garlic in a food processor and pulse 5-6 times . Add about half of the basil and pulse until the basil is roughly chopped . Add the walnuts and seeds , followed by the remaining basil leaves . Pulse into a rough paste . Add the oil and cheese and pulse until combined .
Salt and pepper 1 pound giant pasta shells 2 1 / 2 cups ricotta 2 eggs 3 / 4 cup pesto 1 / 2 cup grated Parmesan 1 / 2 cup grated mozzarella , plus 1 / 2 cup more for topping
1 jar homemade or store-bought marinara sauce
Bring a large pot of salted water to boil . Add the pasta shells . Cook until al dente , about 10 minutes . Remove pasta from pot and cool in a large bowl of water . Drain well and spread cooked shells on a baking sheet
lined with a kitchen towel . Make the ricotta filling .
In a mixing bowl , combine ricotta , eggs , pesto , grated Parmesan and mozzarella . Season well with salt and pepper , then mix well .
Heat oven to 375 F . Lightly oil a large shallow baking dish ( use two dishes if necessary ). Using a spoon or pastry bag , put about 1 tablespoon ricotta mixture into each pasta shell . Spread a cup of marinara sauce on bottom of pan . Arrange the filled shells in one layer in the baking dish , packed closely together . Drizzle surface lightly with olive oil . Spoon a little of the marinara sauce over the top , being careful to leave pesto filling to show through . Top with mozzarella cheese .
Bake until bubbly , about 45 minutes . Bring to table for family to devour .
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