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Panthers came to stalk about the Lake Park dia- mond, but CHS had something to say about that. In the opening game of their season, the Redskins crushed visiting Maysville 6-2. Dana Kittell and Drex- el Scott led the Redskins’ charge hitting a single and a double each. On defense, pitcher Jeff Speaks and relief Dave Williams gave up only two runs. APRIL 2, 1979 April 12 will be a very special anniversary here in Coshocton. Forty years ago, Coshocton became home to the fi rst organized chapter of the March of Dimes. A dinner was held over the weekend at the Old Warehouse to commemorate the occasion. Since its founding in 1939 by President FDR, the organization had fought to end polio and other childhood diseases. APRIL 2, 1989 Anne Abbott was bowling while guns roared in WWII, and now she is being recognized by the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association. Th e Palace Bowling Alley on Sixth Street was where she fi rst bowled. At that time, it was owned by the Chacos Brothers, but then it was purchased and moved to South Second by Harold and Steven Th ompson. Since 1963, Abbott had been doing just as much behind the lanes as she had in front of it. Working at Coshocton Recreation Lanes, she helped organize events, including bringing the Ohio Women’s State Tournament to Coshocton in 1966. For her dedication to the sport and organization, she was presented with the Emeritus Award by the OWBA in early March. Anne was also the fi rst woman to receive Coshocton’s Goodwill Ambassador Award. APRIL 7, 1999 Tri-Valley is the latest victims of the Ridgewood Generals. Tuesday night, Ridgewood continued its juggernaut stride with a narrow 6-5 win over the visiting team. Chad Lahna was starting pitcher for the Generals, but despite his best eff orts, the Scotties lived up to their fi erce reputation. Although RHS scored an early lead, Tri-Valley fought them tooth and nail the entire way. “Tri-Valley is known as a baseball power, so anytime you beat them, you have to feel good about it.” said Coach John Slusser. APRIL 15, 2009 Th e 19th Annual United Kennel Club would be returning to Coshocton that year for their Hunting Beagle Nationals on the 17th and 18th of the month. “We’re thrilled to host the UKC for the second year,” said Belinda Williamson, director of the Coshocton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. UKC Field Rep. and Coshocton native Dave McVay said the com- petition came to Coshocton for its excellent hunting grounds. All information was obtained from microfi lm of the Coshocton Tribune at the Coshocton County Library and from the archives of Th e Coshocton County Beacon 8 THE BEACON COSHOCTON - Prohibition, the next topic for the John- son-Humrickhouse Museum’s Our Town Stories, will be Th ursday, April 11 at noon. From 1920 to 1933, a nation- wide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages stifl ed the country. Implemented to curb family violence and saloon-based political corruption, the ban ultimately created an atmosphere that tolerated crime as a means to provide liquor to the public, even among police and city offi cials. Come share your memories and thoughts about this “noble experiment” with us during our hour- long discussion. Always a great conversation! JHM’s Our Town Stories gathering occurs month- ly on the second Th ursday of the month at noon. Th e conversation animates “the old days” as we conjure up memories, share personal stories, and recall Coshocton County as it once was. All are welcome to participate, whether you grew up in Coshocton or not. Th e atmo- sphere is casual and the discussion is always informa- tive, fun and surprising. Admission for the program is free, and beverages and cookies will be provided. Bring your sandwich and make the most of your lunch break. May’s topic is “Department Stores”. For more infor- mation, contact the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum at 740-622-8710 or Th e Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum is located at 300 N. Whitewoman Street, Coshocton. Th e museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, Noon to 4 p.m. After Memori- I n M eMory Ca t h y Jo n e s 12-9-1947 to 4-3-2011 Husband - Gene Daughter & Son-in-Law Carrie & Derik Doty Grand Daughter Raya al Day, the hours are 12:00 – 5 p.m. daily. Contributed | Beacon Thank You from the family of Lawrence E. “Larry” Fortner of 8 Years have passed since you had to go, only God knows how we miss you so. But the memories of you that we hold so dear, we will keep you in our hearts for all of our years. Contributed | Beacon New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach, right, watching agents pour liquor into sewer following a raid during the height of prohibition. Thank you to all our family and friends for their love, support and prayers in the loss of my dear husband Larry. I was overwhelmed with all the food, cards, flowers, gifts, visits, phone calls and loving support from everyone. It meant so much to myself along with my daughter Wendy and her family, we appreciated it all. Also, a big thank you to our family and friends for all the love and support you gave Larry during his illness. He enjoyed receiving all the cards and visits from family and friends. It meant a lot to him. A big thank you to the emergency squad, doctors and nurses for the loving care they gave him. A big thank you to the Miller Funeral Home, Pastor Dale Sutton, and pall bearers and to my nephew Brayden for reading my thoughts during the service for me. A big thank you to the Elks Lodge for their beautiful service at the calling hours and to the veterans for their service at the funeral home and at the cemetery. It was all so very beautiful. Also, a big thank you to the ladies and volunteers of my church who provided such a nice luncheon after the funeral services. Everything was delicious and appreciated. Thank you to all who came to the calling hours, our home and to the funeral. Wendy and I truly appreciated everyone coming to pay their respects and support us. Thank you and God bless you all! Sincerely, Barb Fortner, Wendy, Dan, Alex & Zach Crist APRIL 2, 1969 Museum to discuss prohibition during Our Town Stories | MEMORIES APRIL 3, 2019