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THE Meet Coach Dunfee By Kellie Bilyeu COSHOCTON - Kyle Dunfee has been the head basketball coach at Coshocton Christian School for six years. Dunfee went to River View High School as well as Coshocton County Career Center. He sought further education at Central Ohio Technical College, Dunfee and has earned his applied science degree. Dunfee is now a construction worker for Cross Improvements as well as the Pastor at New Beginnings Ministry in Warsaw. Dunfee’s goals for the basketball team this season were for them to grow individually as well as collectively as a team. Dunfee was most looking forward to watching the younger players grow and develop their skills and watching the seniors enjoy their last year with their team. Before every game the team prayed for their protection as well as protection for the other team while they play, and to bring honor to God on and off the court. Meet Coach Hamilton By Kellie Bilyeu COSHOCTON - Kyle Hamilton has been the assistant basketball coach for over fi ve years. Hamilton attended high school at Ridge- wood and played basketball all four of his years at that school. He sought further educa- tion at Malone College in Canton. Th ere he Hamilton received his business degree. Hamilton is currently the CEO of Home Loan Savings Bank. Hamilton’s goals for the team this season were for them to work as a team and to be good team- mates. Hamilton was most looking forward to watching the team enjoy the sport. APRIL 3, 2019 ROAR voice of the students Shoot-a-thon raises more than $8,000 Carr refl ects on National Honor Society work COSHOCTON - Coshocton Christian School students recent- ly raised more than $8,000 for their school just by shooting hoops at the school shoot-a-thon held recently. Students were required to get sponsors to raise money. Sponsors could give a designated amount of money, or they could sponsor the student for each shot made. Each student shot 100 shots at the foul shot line. Th e school also had some very impressive basketball shooters. Fisher Hamilton was the top shooter of preschool with 91 shoots. Flint Hamilton and Zoey Covic were the top shots in kindergarten and made 91 out of 100. First grader Madison Jones made 74 shots overall, David Eberhard from second and third grade made 85 shots, Wade Eber- hard made 55 shots in fourth grade, Brody Stevens made 51 shots in the fi fth and sixth grade, and Tanner Hamilton was the high scorer with 74 shots. Finally Colton Gress representing the homeschoolers made 70 shots. COSHOCTON - “I enjoy the feeling of knowing I did something good and I helped other people who need it,” said Mackenzie Carr, a member of Co- shocton Christian School’s branch of the National Honor Society about com- munity service. Carr has served the community in several Carr diff erent ways around Co- shocton. Some of the community service projects that Carr has participated in include donating $100 to the pregnancy distress center and learning how to knit to make baby blankets for the distress center. Carr is also the event and community service plan- ner and ambassador of Skills USA at the Coshocton County Career Center where she helps donate money to diff erent programs and their needs. Th is year, Carr also joined Coshocton Youth Lead- ership where she learns how to serve the community and to become a better leader. She has been a member of the CCS chapter of the National Honor Society for a year. By Karah Bilyeu Excited actors share about play By Kate Uhlig theroarccs@gmail COSHOCTON - Coshocton Christian School’s spinning of the play “Charlotte’s Web” is quickly approaching with the date set at Friday, April 5. Th e play will be held at Coshoc- ton Christian School in the sanctuary at 7 p.m. Fourth grade student Amelia Huneycutt will be playing the character the play is named for, Charlotte the spider. She has liked acting “since I was a baby; I loved to put on shows for my family,” said Huneycutt. She enjoys “acting like someone else and feeling diff erent.” Her favorite scene includes events in which Charlotte says goodbye to Wilbur. When asked if she will continue acting, she said, “I always wanted to be an actress when I grow up, so yes, I would love to be in plays or even on T.V. Fourth grader Clay Bilyeu will be playing the part of Wilbur the pig in the upcoming play. Bilyeu has been acting for a year and enjoys being with his friend, Owen Riggs, while acting. Bilyeu says his favorite scene is when he faints. Fourth grade student Owen Riggs has the opportunity to be Templeton, a character known for fi nding words for Charlotte in the play. Riggs wanted to play this part be- cause he likes mice. When asked if he will continue to act as he gets older, Riggs replied, “Yes, of course.” Second grade student Brianna Riggs will be appearing as Fern Arable. She began to savor acting when CCS pro- duced a play last year. Her favorite scene is when she yells at Avery Arable, her younger brother in the play. By Hanna Doberstein It’s time to enroll at CCS By Karah Bilyeu COSHOCTON - Coshocton Christian School is excited to announce reenrollment. Reenrollment started March 1 for current students and April 1 for any new students at the school. Th e process is very simple; a packet was sent home with all the students for parents. Beginning April1, the registration fee is $75. For more information, contact the school at 740- 622-5052. THE BEACON 21