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COTC and Ohio State Newark collegiate 4-H to host Ag Day COSHOCTON - Coshocton Business and Professional Women (BPW) will meet Monday, April 15, at 6 Grace United Methodist Church. Program will be on the COTC Coshocton Promise (FREE College for eligi- ble Coshocton County residents). Th e public is encouraged to attend. Th ere is no charge to attend the program, however reservations are required for a meal. Each person will be responsi- ble for paying for their own meal. Reservations can be made at by calling 740-294-1353. Members are asked to bring items or monetary dona- tions for First Step. Coshocton BPW will have a table at the Coshocton County Career Center Open House. BPW, founded in 1919, promotes equity for all wom- en in the workplace through advocacy, education and information. Membership is open to men and women, employed or unemployed, who support the legislative platform. For more information contact President Raine Ham- mond at 740-294-5292 or Licking County Recycling, Licking County Soil & Wa- ter Conservation District, Licking County Farm Bureau Educational Lectures: Karen Goodell, Ph.D., Pesticide Applications, Pests and Pollinators in Pumpkin Fields; Foster Anderson, D.M.V., veterinarian, Animal Welfare; Verdie Abel, Lick- ing County Recycling, Recycling Dos and Don’ts Outside: Farm Animal Petting Zoo: Goats, Alpaca, Llamas, Miniature Horse, Rabbits, Pigs, Dairy Calves Dance, 4 – 6 p.m., Warner Center Performance Plat- form Th e Warner Center is located at 1219 University Drive, Newark, Ohio. For more information, contact COTC and Ohio State Newark Collegiate 4-H Club Advisor Jessica Huff man at huff Central Ohio Technical College and Th e Ohio State University at Newark have forged an outstanding array of educational opportunities for the central Ohio region and beyond. Th is partnership is viewed as a model for higher education in the state of Ohio. At Central Ohio Technical College, students gain hands-on, applicable experience to begin working in the fi eld, or to transfer those credits toward a bachelor's degree program. Th e Ohio State University at Newark off ers an academic environment that’s challenging but supportive with world-renowned professors and access to Ohio State’s more than 200 majors. Contributed | Beacon WILLIAM ALBERT, INC. GENERAL EXCAVATING Sand, Gravel, Fill Dirt & Limestone Crane Service - Trucking Sewer - Water Lines Contributed | Beacon NEWARK — Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) and Th e Ohio State University at Newark Collegiate 4-H Club is hosting Ag Day on April 9. It will be both inside and outside of the John L. and Christine Warner Library and Student Center from noon to 3 p.m. A dance will be from 4 to 6 p.m. on the Warner Center Performance Platform. Th e event is free and open to the public. Ag Day will celebrate and inform people about the ongoing importance of agriculture to humanity. Th e COTC and Ohio State Newark Collegiate 4-H Club is aiming to educate students and the public about agri- culture, encourage involvement through interactive and educational activities, informational sessions, engaging speakers, dancing and more. “Attendees will have fun, learn about agriculture, be exposed to Ohio State faculty research, understand where their food originates, and maybe even win a prize,” said Ben Abel, COTC and Ohio State Newark Collegiate 4-H Club president. Ag Day speakers will include Karen Goodell, Ph.D., Ohio State Newark associate professor of evolution, ecology and organismal biology; Verdie Abel, recycling education coordinator for Licking and Perry Counties; Dr. Foster Anderson, veterinarian, and others. Inside educational booths include: Collegiate 4-H, Ohio State University Extension, Veterinary Science, Lynd’s Orchard, East Central Ohio Beekeeper’s Associa- tion, Bird’s Haven Farm BPW members to learn about COTC program 1300 Cassingham Hollow Road - Coshocton, OH 43812 Office: 740-622-3045 • FITNESS & FAMILY FUN! INTERVIEWER IS TEYA MURRAY. INTERVIEWEE IS APPRECIATED, LONG-TIME MEMBER RIC BONICE. BUNDLE & SAVE Q1: How long have you been coming to Colonial Sports n Courts? 100 INSTANTLY A1: Over 30 years. I started about the same time that the club opened and actually worked as a trainer short term. $ Q2: That’s awesome! What got you started working out? A2: I was working at Edmont. A new engineer came to town. He was one of the most muscular people I had ever seen, and he had a lot of his own equipment. So there was a few of us guys who started going to his basement and lifting weights there. It just kind of grew into a passion from that point on. Q3: Speaking of home weights, you have your own exercise equipment at home. What makes you still come to the gym? A3: When your weights are at home it’s too convenient. You’re committed to going some place and dedicated some time to being at that venue. For me that works better. Q4: Do you have a go-to workout when you come into Sports n Courts? A4: I divide my body into parts, into pulling movements and pushing movements. For instance, I will come in on Monday, and I will do all pushing movements. I’ll come back on Tuesday and do pulling movements. I’ll take a break in the middle of the week to let the body recuperate. I will come back in on Thursday and do what I did Monday and Friday to do what I did Tuesday. Q5: So do you compliment your workouts with eating right and a good diet? A5: I attempt it. The most important thing with “dieting,” so to speak, is to do the push-aways from the table. Q6: Do you have any motivation or advice for people starting off and coming into Sports n Courts? A6: It’s not magic. It’s work! I tell people it’s about 50% diet, 25% sleep, 25% working out. I tell the guys, ‘if you eat big, sleep big, and lift big, you’ll be big! WHEN YOU PURCHASE A QUALIFYING M18 FUEL KIT PLUS AN ACCESSORY SET OR HAND TOOL Offer Valid March 1 - April 30, 2019 Q7: Finishing up, what’s your favorite part about coming to Colonial Sports n Courts? A7: The comradery with the other guys and girls that come here. You get to share things. You get new ideas. You can help people, particularly new members Teya: That defi nitely makes it a community. We appreciate you, Ric. Eligible kits are subject to store availability. See associate for details. GET FIT. STAY FIT. 1101 Fairy Falls Drive • 740-623-8382 APRIL 3, 2019 HOURS: M-F: 7am-5pm Sat: 8am-2pm 740-622-0198 Fax: 740-622-2758 Toll Free: 1-877-267-4562 0020_031319 Colonial Sports -n- Courts 1201 Walnut St., Coshocton STOP BY OR CALL... THE BEACON 15