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Ag extension talk David L Marrison | Contributed C ustom E mbroidEry & V inyl G raphiCs COSHOCTON - Hello Coshocton County! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring! It has been nice to get out, prune our grapes, pick-up the yard and to pull soil samples on our garden and pastures. I was surprised how sore I was after working outside this past weekend! As you get limbered up to take on your spring gar- dening, I would like to remind you about soil testing, give some tips on mulching, and invite you to two great horticulture programs. Soil Testing: OSU Extension recommends that you soil test your garden, lawn, or crop fields every three to five years. The major reason to soil test is so that you will know what the pH of the soil is. Our soils tend to be acidic which means that you may need to add lime oc- casionally. The only way to know how much to add is to measure the pH. Or as our Master Gardeners say, “Don’t guess - soil test!” Additionally, the soil test will give phosphorus and po- tassium levels and provides a recommendation for nitro- gen. These are the three major nutrients which all plants need. Each soil test summary will provide you with a • Commercial Embroidery • Window & Vehicle Lettering • Signs and Banners • Screen Print & Heat Press Monday - Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM 1020 R Cedar St. - Coshocton Ohio 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The featured speaker will be Ashley Kul- hanek, entomologist and OSU Extension Educator from Medina County. There is no charge for this program but reservations are being requested so that adequate pro- gram materials can be printed. Call Coshocton County Extension at 740-622-2265 to register. Gardeners may also be interested in attending our Hy- drangea School which will be held on Tuesday, April 30 at the County Services Building in Room 145 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We are delighted that OSU Extension Educator Eric Barrett will be here from Mahoning County to help participants discover the types, care, pruning and bloom times of hydrangeas. The registration fee for this work- shop is $30 per person, which includes handouts, light refreshments and a hydrangea plant to take home for your landscape. Pre-registration is required by April 21 for the Hydran- gea School. Find a registration flyer at coshocton.osu. edu or call Coshocton County Extension at 740-622-2265 for more information. Do not miss your chance to learn from one of Ohio State’s leading authorities on hydran- geas! To close, I would like to share a quote from May Sarton who stated, “Everything that slows us down and forc- es patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” Have a good and safe day. David Marrison is an associate professor and extension educator, agriculture and natural resources with Ohio State University Extension. He can be reached at 740-622- 2265 or 740-622-6528 prescription of what fertilizer is needed. Soil test kits can be purchased at the Coshocton County Extension office for $16 per test. Stop in today and get your soil test kit! Mulching: As it begins to warm up, you may have the urge to start on yard work like mulching. But it is best to wait. Even though we have had warmer weather, our soil temperatures remain below 50 degrees. Mulching too early keeps the soil wet and cold which could damage the root systems of plants. Also beware that heaping mounds of mulch against tree trunks, often referred to as volcano mulching, can be damaging. Moisture captured by the mulch can keep the plant’s bark in a continued state of wetness. This can cause the bark to decay, and lead to insects, fungi, and bacteria feeding on the damaged tissue. Not a good thing! Mulch put on at the proper time and at the proper depth of 2-3 inches, can have many benefits including the prevention of weed growth, conservation of moisture in the soil, stabilization of soil temperatures, and the ad- dition of organic matter to the soil. My general guideline is that mulch should never be applied before Mother’s Day which is still weeks away. Remember, patience is a virtue! Upcoming Workshops: Each year our Master Gardener Volunteers help identify hundreds of insects for folks. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain creepy. One of our missions is to encourage people to be life-long learners and we have a great program coming up in April which will help you identify insects better. OSU Extension will be offering a “Bug Detective - What is Bugging You” workshop on Thursday, April 11 at the Coshocton County Services Building in Room 145 from Taking care of each other is what community is all about River View High School Senior Logan Lawrence is performing “An Evening Piano Concert” FUNERAL HOME will be attending West Liberty 1 8 6 PA R K AV E N U E C O S H O C TO N , O H . 4 3 8 1 2 in the fall of 2019. He will be 740-622-1711 majoring in music performance 14 THE BEACON Traditional Burials Starting at $4,915.00* Given-Dawson-Paisley for his senior project. Logan & education. Given-Dawson-Paisley Funeral Home Now at a new lower price... LIFE WELL CELEBRATED ® *Burial includes basic service fee, embalming, dressing and casketing, visitation, funeral service, transfer of remains, and hearse only. Prices quoted do not include any merchandise or additional services. Prices may vary based on selections. APRIL 3, 2019