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Hopewell Indians take on staff in basketball game By Jen Jones COSHOCTON - Th e Hopewell Indians basketball teams took on staff from the Coshocton County Board of DD in an exciting ending to their basketball season. Th e staff versus the players basketball game has been a tradition for 21 years and it’s a night the players really look forward to. “It has been a mix of wins over the years but we don’t keep track of those scores. Players and staff just love the fun atmosphere of the game,” said Toby Collins, direc- tor of recreation and Special Olympics for the CCBDD. Th e Hopewell Indians have three teams. Th e red team is the school age division and has 10 players. Th ey ended the season with a record of four wins and one loss. Th e black team (adult division three) has 13 players and had a re- cord of four wins and four losses. Th e white team fi nished with one win and three losses. Th at team has 12 players. Th e teams have seven cheerleaders and three pep club members. Th e red team played for the state championship on March 23 but lost to the Franklin County Comets Green team by a score of 59-26. Javanna Ramsey is one of the coaches of the black team and said the players played really well this year. “We had some hard challenges, but the players all really improved. Th ey are planning on coming back next year and winning the state championship.” A large crowd gathered in the gym at Coshocton High School on March 26 to watch the players take on the staff . Before the game, many predictions were made. Julieann Spaulding is one of the staff who was playing. “I always play. It’s fun and a good time for everyone.” She predicted the staff would win with a score of 60-40. Ramsey laughed and said her prediction was staff 150 and players 20. Beth Tumblin, a cheerleader for the staff team, said she thought the players would win 65-60. Players Nick McElhaney and Brandon Corder were sure the players would win. McElhaney predicted the players would score 85 points and not let the staff score any. Cord- er was the closest of all the predictions with his of players 61 and staff 59. Th e fi nal score was staff 50 and players 49. It was tied at the end of regular time but both teams wanted one minute more to play so a winner could be declared. A player was fouled and got three shots, making one, but the staff dropped one in the basket right before the buzzer sounded. Collins wanted to remind everyone that the Special Olympics Bowling team will be in its fi rst tournament of the year in Zanesville on Saturday, April 27. Warning sirens to be tested COSHOCTON - A monthly test of outdoor warning sirens will be Wednesday, April 3 at 10 a.m. Th e monthly test will promote public awareness of the eight warning sirens located throughout the county. Th ese eight sirens are located at Bakersville, Conesville, Coshocton City, Coshocton City Schools, Canal Lewisville, Pleasant Valley, West Lafayette and Walhonding Valley Fire Stations. Th ese areas are heavier populated communities where more residents are able to hear the sirens. In conjunction with the sirens, WTNS will conduct a monthly Emergency Alert System (EAS) test. Th is will notify residents that the sirens and EAS is only a test. Historical club to meet COSHOCTON - Th e Coshocton Historical Club will hold its April 8 meeting at the home of Les Widder, 22668 Liberty Drive (off of Hill Street outside of Roscoe) at 1 p.m. A dessert will be served. Th e program will be “A Ride Back Th rough the Ages.” Model T rides may be available. Th e roll call will ask members to name a favorite childhood toy. Devotions will be given by Debbie Corder. Th e program team for this meeting will be Jane Kreidler, Dottie DeCenzo, Lois Iler, Les Widder and Debbie Corder. Guests are always welcome. Contributed | Beacon Contributed | Beacon 2019 COSHOCTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL BOOSTERS ANNUAL MULCH SALE ORDER FORM ITEM QUANITITY Black Mulch 2 Cubic Ft. Bag 2 Cubic Ft. Bag Red Mulch 2 Cubic Ft. Bag Cypress Mulch 2 Cubic Ft. Bag Pine Mulch 2 Cubic Ft. Bag Pine Bark Nuggets 40 lb. Bag Top Soil 40 lb. Bag Cow Manure 40 lb. Bag Potting Soil Total Due We will be accepting orders with payment through April 12th, 2019. All orders will be delivered to your home on SATURDAY, APRIL PRICE $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 TOTAL 27TH, 2019. Please make checks payable to the Coshocton Football Boosters and Mail to: Joe / Jeanette Rice 919 Cassingham Avenue Or Email to Coshocton, Ohio 43812 We ask that payment be received BEFORE the delivery date. Do you need help spreading your mulch? Hire a REDSKIN! 15 bag minimum order on deliveries over 10 miles from Auer Ace Hardware or you can choose a self pick up on that day between 10 am - 2 pm. Thank you for your support of the Coshocton Redskins Football Program! Any Questions: Call Joe Rice at 740-294-7860 or Jeanette Rice at 740-294-7861 Customer Name: New Customer Phone #: Cell #: Customer Address: Email Address: Delivery Instructions: Already Delivered Invoiced Paid $ # 0045_040319 APRIL 3, 2019 THE BEACON 11