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APRIL 28 , 1957
Both the Coshocton Builders Supply Co . and Superior Ready Mixed Concrete had been sold to Maurice M . Baird and the Baird Supply Co . The two businesses , both located at 231 North Water Street , continued business as usual and there were no planned changes to personnel . The Baird firm started in 1910 in Coshocton as a feed store at 723 Elm Street . Since then , it had grown substantially ; most notable was its acquisition of J . T . McDermott ’ s sand and gravel business in 1943 .
APRIL 28 , 1967
The Roscoe Methodist Church had a covered dish dinner planned for Sunday to honor a guest reverend and his family . Reverend Sun Nam Han was born in Korea in 1934 and served as an assistant Chaplin for the 39th Infantry Division . He had 11 years of theological education and was currently working on getting his PhD . He served the Kirkpatrick Methodist Parish in Marion . His wife Sang Ye had a Masters in religious education and together they had two sons , Johnathan and Paul .
APRIL 24 , 1977
The Ohio Museum Association had decided to feature the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum . According to director Mary M . Shaw , “ Publication of the museum ’ s story in the quarterly should add to the growing number of referrals we are getting from other Ohio institutions .” To quote the publication , “ for here in a modest little city at the headwaters of the Muskingum they find cultural treasures that would be coveted by many prestigious museums in the nation ’ s major cities .”
APRIL 24 , 1987
To start off the Dogwood Festival , the board of trustees of the Pomerene Fine Arts Center attempted to start a new tradition . Each year they said they would like to start the festival by planting a dogwood tree in commemoration of someone special . The tree they planted that year was in memory of the late local artist and founding trustee Barbara Bachert .
All information was obtained from microfilm of the Coshocton Tribune at the Coshocton County Library .

Hemming named head football coach at RVHS

By Josie Sellers josie @ coshoctoncountybeacon . com
WARSAW – Mike Hemming always dreamed of being a head football coach and couldn ’ t think of a better place to do it than his alma mater .
The 1999 River View High School graduate was officially announced as the school ’ s head football coach at the April 13 school board meeting .
“ My dad was the head coach here for nine years and I wanted to follow in his footsteps ,” Hemming said .
He has 13 years of assistant coaching experience at the high school and college level . Hemming coached at Walsh University where he graduated from in 2004 and at Muskingum University where he earned his master ’ s degree . He also coached at Maysville High School from 2007-2009 and 2012-2016 .
“ I was extremely excited when they told me I got the coaching job here at River View ,” Hemming said . “ I enjoy coaching because I have a passion for the game and making a difference in kids ’ lives and that ’ s also why I teach .”
He returned to River View this school year to be an assistant football coach and an intervention specialist in social studies .
“ I want to make a culture change here and get River View back on the winning side of things ,” Hemming said .
His first step in doing that is introducing his PMA slogan .
“ We are going to have a positive mental attitude in everything we do from the football field to the classroom ,”
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Hemming said .
Another focus of his will be on the fundamentals of football and making sure everyone from the biddy league to the junior high to the high school is fundamentally sound .
“ We are going to change attitudes here , keep things simple and let the kids go out and play ,” Hemming said .
His staff right now includes : High school - Eric Bickel , Gary Giffin , Tyler McKee , Aaron Smith , Ron Vipperman and Wess Wallace ; junior high - Joe Alford , Kevin Fry and RD Mobley ; and volunteers – Cal Shrimplin and Dan Winner .
“ Those are the ones that have commitment , but it could be more ,” Hemming said . “ We are getting ready to go , but nothing is going to change without a lot of hard work and a positive mental attitude from everyone . We are already hitting the weight room and I ’ ve got a camp set up with Maysville so the kids can see how a practice is supposed to run and know what ’ s expected .”
He ’ s already met with the high school football players and is working on meeting with the junior high athletes and elementary school students .
“ I think we are looking at having 65-70 kids ninth through 12th grade for football , but that could change ,” Hemming said . “ I ’ m going to be involved with them all though from the biddy league to junior high to high school so we have consistency . We ’ ve got to get these kids believing in themselves as football players and get excitement back here to River View .”
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