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Elks Teen of the Month announced | OPINION I knew this day would I didn’t always follow his come. For my own self- advice. And to his credit, ish reasons I wanted he let me - Shawn, Dana to delay the inevitable and Brent - go our own as long as possible. But we way and make our own are all destined for life on decisions. Some we made this earth to end. Robert right, some we didn’t but M. “Pinky” Fortune, Dad to has worked out. Dad MARK’S MUSINGS life me, was the greatest man always believed that it that I have ever known or would if you were to “Dig, ever will know. And I was able to tell Fight & Scratch Every Day”. Th at was his him that many times during the past motto and he would tell us that often few months. His eyes would brighten in conversations, notes and letters of and the smile that so many people have encouragement. come to know over the years would light Th e one thing I will miss the most up his face. I just wanted him to know. is that Dad was always there for us. What made him special? Th ere are so Encouraging, giving advice, and yes, many stories that could be shared by so sometimes even a kick in the butt if we many people and while many of them needed it. We didn’t need many of those would have a common theme, each because I think deep down none of the would be weaved within the tapestry four of us wanted to let him or mom that was just Pinky. Th ey would all be down. Dad never really set expectations just a little bit diff erent. in the literal sense - we just knew that Th e boot shop is where I cut my teeth they existed and we tried hard to meet and learned how to talk to people, sell them. and take care of customers. As one To say that my Dad is my hero would of my brothers said, “Working at the be putting it mildly. Th ere are many boot shop was our rite of passage as a reasons. Here’s one you may not know Fortune”. Yes it was. And it’s still in the about - I saw him visit my Grandma family now 70 years strong. Fortune (his mom Th elma) in the nurs- A special time for me came each ing home every single day - and some- Sunday morning when Dad and I would times twice a day - putting her to bed in get up early and deliver Th e Tribune to the evening for several years. Th at is an my customers in Roscoe and on West example that is hard to follow. Chestnut St. A few of them were the You know, when I think about it, Dad same customers that Dad delivered to always seemed to be in the right place when he was a boy. As we headed down at the right time throughout his life and Whitewoman Street past the nursing the years at 514 Main Street will always home we always found ourselves at the be some of my favorite memories. To L & K Restaurant where we stopped all of you that knew him, thank you for for milk with coff ee and warm Danish being his friend. I feel blessed, honored, with butter. Lots of butter. To say that privileged and humbled to call Pinky I learned a lot about life on those early Fortune my Dad. Sunday mornings would be a vast un- derstatement. | Heading COSHOCTON – Sarah Heading has been named Coshoc- ton Elks Teen of the Month. She is a senior at Coshocton High School and plans to attend Muskingum University to study music education. She was the fi eld commander for the marching band. Sarah participated in the CHS theatre club, concert band, chamber choir, Coshocton Youth Chorale, community choir, Cardinal Chorale, and the Presbyterian Church Choir where she attends church. She is also a member of the Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes (FCA), along with being in the National Honor Society. Contributed | Beacon Treats at AWANA Jayleighn Cunningham, Katelyn Kitzmill- er, Noel Fox and Haiden Slaughter show off the sandcastle they made out of rice crispy treats at AWANA at the Chili Crossroads Bible Church. Their sand- Contributed | Beacon castle was judged the best of the night. There are great activities for kids and adults every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the church. All are welcome. Share Your Opinion! Th e Coshocton County Beacon believes in our right of free speech. Th e Beacon will publish a letter to the editor or an opinion as space permits. A letter to the editor must contain your name and city or village of your postal zip code. Example: John Smith, Fresno. To maintain accuracy the preferred method of delivery is email in Microsoft Word format. Please email your letter to Printed or mailed letters to the editor will have to be retyped and Th e Beacon does not guarantee accuracy. Letters to the editor will be published as space permits and are not to have a headline. Th ey 4 THE BEACON will be published simply as “Letter to Th e Editor”. Th e Beacon reserves the right to refuse, edit, or otherwise reject any letter that is deemed inappropriate, off en- sive or slanderous. 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