The Coshocton County Beacon April 1, 2020 - Page 7

April 1, 2020 The Beacon • 7 Cruising along Main Street like in the old days By Josie Sellers A n i m p r o m pt u M a i n Street cruise on Saturday evening, March 21, brought back memories and gave residents a chance to forget about the coronavirus for a time while still practicing social distancing. “Before the coronavirus outbreak I saw that some- one on Facebook suggest- ed doing this (the cruise) in the summer,” said Faith Young. “I told my husband about it and we were look- ing forward to doing it this su m mer. T hen someone mentioned doing it (this past Saturday, March 21) sooner. My husband graduated in 1980. I graduated in 1982. Cruising main and jamming on a Saturday night was so much fun.” Young and her husband drove through Burger King and headed to town where they discovered many oth- ers had joined in. “When we got into town we were so happy to see the number of people actu- ally there and doing it,” she said. “With all that has been going on with the corona- virus and other things, that was a very welcome, fun and exciting time.” Robert Leist said Bernie Kenney had the idea to get people to go cruising since gas is currently so affordable. “I suggested that we start at 6 p.m. so people could get their dinner at a local d r ive-th r u or car r yout,” Leist said. “I then shared across Facebook, as going cruising would allow us to see our friends and neigh- bors while maintaining the recommended social dis- tancing. It was a ball and it was amazing seeing the joy in everyone’s faces. I think we all needed that kind of a break.” Lisa Akers also joined in on the fun and said she had Submitted Main Street was alive with traffic Saturday evening, March 21 when an impromptu cruise was held. The event was organized on Facebook as a way to get people out of the house and encourage them to pick up food from local restaurants. a blast. “It took our mind off the pandemic for a short time,” she said. “It was great see- ing the smiles and hearing the honks.” Susie Mann also enjoyed the cruise. “Horn honking, smiling and waving - just like old times,” she said. “Sheriff Rogers was sitting down at the end of Main Street and Royce Emerson was in the plaza. It was a welcome dis- traction from the uncertain- ty of today’s world. We went and got ice cream at The Freeze and sat in the plaza and ate it while we watched cars cruise to get popcorn from Shelby Theater. What a great time.” Donna Carpenter agreed with Mann. “It was awesome seeing the cars from Second Street to Seventh Street,” she said. “Ever yone was beepi ng and waving. Reminded us of days past when Main Street boomed on the week- end. We picked Crowtown for our carry out, not only because they make great pizza but because Marty was a good friend.” A my Crow n g r abb e d some popcorn from Shelby Theaters and enjoyed the ride. “It brought back so many fond memories, plus it was great seeing the commu- nity come out to support one another,” she said. Paulla Emery had a blast cruising down Main Street. “It reminded me of the old days when we were in high school,” she said. “As they said everybody honked their horns, we waved at each other and everybody was laughing. I think every- one needed something right now to feel good about and not take so seriously, and this was what happened. Crowtown was our choice of food afterwards as well. Marty was a really good friend and I know that he would have been in that l i neup if he cou ld have been.” BANKRUPTCY • • • • • Caring for your Heart right here at Home Mitchell Marczewski Personal & Small Business Call for Free Publication “The 10 Most Common Questions about Bankruptcy” Stop Creditor Harassment, Repossession, Garnishment and Sheriff Sales Save Your Home and Car Emergency Filing Available We are a debt relief agency and help people file bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. (next to Dr. Adornetto) Cardiology Marczewski Law Offices 1020 Maple Ave., Zanesville 740-453-8900 | 1460 Orange St. Coshocton, OH | 740.622.6411 Member of Prime Healthcare BF-00477026