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6 • The Beacon April 1, 2020 Find documented proof When researching our ancestors, it’s important to confirm how people are related to one another by using documented proof. The most obvious way is to locate relevant birth, death, and marriage records. Let’s say, for example, we’re researching our Scot- tish pedigree. If you have the money and desire you can fly across the pond to access the Scotlands People Database Center in Edin- burgh. Or you could stay home and access scot- to see records online through the pay-to-view using the data- base mentioned above. One nice bonus about researching the Scottish vital records is that their records offer more detail than those found in the rest of the UK. The civil registration was estab- lished in 1855 and recorded birth, death, and marriages then sent duplicated copies to Edinburgh where they can be found. Be aware, though that there are some restrictions such as closure periods created to protect the privacy of peo- ple still alive. For more details take a look at uk– the National Records of Scotland. Birth records show a child’s name, date, place of birth, parents, in addition to Carole Etchells Cross Between the Bookends the family’s usual residence, plus information showing where and when the birth was registered. Birth records can be seen if over 100 years old, marriages can be seen over 75 years and deaths over 50 years. Accessing the marriage records show the names of both spouses, their ages, residences, occupations, the names of both parents and names of witnesses. Death records give the names of the deceased, occupation, date of death, marital status, residence, age, cause of death, and informant’s name. All three records indicate the names of an individu- al’s parents which should confirm the person you are researching; however, if that person was illegitimate, the name would be found under the father’s name if he attended the registration with the mother, if not, the child would be found under the mother’s name. Another incident you should be aware of is that before 1940, it was not unusual to marry outside the church by declaring a cou- ple’s consent to one another. This type of marriage may not have been registered, although the law did require registration. In general, when evalu- ating sources consider the age of spouses at the time of their marriage, when their first child was born, and when their last child was born. Also be aware of stepchildren with different names, also if a man had two wives (for instance) it is not surprising to find two different names. Also be alert to obvious differences in the spouses’ age or gaps in a child’s age. As you research mar- riages you might find two different marriage dates sometimes a few years apart if the wife died in childbirth. Check all sources both compiled and original. You would be amazed how many people died before they were born. Typographical errors sometimes give the wrong century for instance 1874 might really be 1974. And remember test every piece of research against credible evidence and seek original records whenever possible. Good luck hunting. Are books not essential? Let’s start out with some lighter fare. Hope- fully you may get a chuckle or two from my experiences. Amazon is supposedly only delivering “essen- tial” items with purchases considered “nonessential” delayed. Because one of my favorite places in our community is closed — the library — and my stockpile of books to read is nonexistent, I found myself browsing Ama- zon over the weekend for something to read. I found a couple of books from a favorite author and placed my order. Naturally we are Prime members. Who doesn’t like free shipping for gosh sake? I figured I would have the email that tells me my order is on the way within a day or two. Alas Wednes- day came and almost went before I decided to log on and check the status of my order. Lo and behold, books are not considered an essential item! What? Who gets to make this decision any- way? Some big muckity muck at Amazon? (For those that watch it, Ama- zon stock is closing in on $2,000 per share.) I say books are an Mark Fortune Mark’s Musings essential item in this mess. I should have gone to Wal- Mart. Books are scheduled to arrive mid-April. I need them now. Did you know I got locked in the old Carn- egie library on a Saturday when I was a youngster? I may have to make the move to read books in their digital form, not sure how all that works. We l l , y o u k n o w T h e Coshocton County Beacon is rolling along with the goal of continuing to provide our community with posi- tive news and information each week. The COVID-19 situation is impacting many of our locally owned busi- nesses, and all of us need to be prepared to help them make a rapid recovery when this is over. Start making your list of where to go and for what. It may be the dentist, chiro- practor, eye doctor, barber, nail or hair salon, restaurant (where you can actually sit and be waited on) and many others. Even those business- es that are considered essen- tial — and there are many of those — are still challenged as people are just not going out as much. I wanted to start out on a lighter note and did that. But I think we need to talk about the 10,000-pound elephant in the room: the COVID-19 situation in the U.S. Last week I predicted we would hit 100,000 cases by Friday, March 27. As I sit here and write my column for the April 1 edition, we are at 68,440, according to the website. This is certainly a time to be wrong on the better side of things. The state of New York has almost half of those, but the numbers are climbing in several states as testing becomes more avail- able around the nation. What a difference one year makes, one month makes and even one week makes in our lives. Last year at this time I was writ- ing about the Indians, the NCAA March Madness tournament and the fact that spring was finally here after a cold winter. Not much winter this year — as we all know — but the forsythia has bloomed, and you know what that means! Three snows is how I always heard it. We will see. I feel bad for all of our local athletes who are missing out on lifetime experiences. Let’s keep all of our stu- dents, teachers, administra- tors, small business owners and employees, health-care workers, and in particular all of our first responders in our thoughts and prayers. We appreciate everything you are doing for our com- munity! Thank you. BPW scholarship deadline extended Due to the coronavirus, the deadline for the Joan McNeely Working Woman Scholarship has been extend- ed to Monday, July 13. The checks will be dis- bursed at the August picnic on Monday, Aug. 17. You can still pick up applications at Jacobs-Vanaman Insur- ance at 530 Main St.  Due to precautions and safety of employees, k nock on their door and make your request and they will bring the scholarship application to you. You can request one by email at  t om m a b or d e n k i r che r @ For more news log on to www. coshoctonbeacontoday .com