The Contour of Luxury™ Winter 2022 Publisher's Haute Holiday Gift Ideas | Page 232

My name is Jenna and I ’ m a graphic designer currently pursuing my Masters degree at Boston University . My design style is heavily inspired by 90 ’ s grunge and Deconstructivism , and I prefer designs that feel human and tangible , rather than purely digital and pixel perfect .
After nearly 6 years of schooling in design , I was ready to use my hard earned expertise in a real working position , and was given the opporunity to work with the Alexis Day Agency as a graphic design intern . I ’ ve had the priviledge of working on various projects , including working directly with Alexis to redesign the Media Kit for her award winning blogAzine™ The Contour of Luxury™ . I ’ m incredibly proud of the work I contributed to this Fantastical Holiday Issue , and to say that I ’ ve worked with the editor-in-chief in creating designs for The Flour Shop , Interview Magazine , and more — brands I love and admire — is something I ’ ll always remember from this experience .
To see more of my work visit : www . jennarose . design Or check out my Instagram : @ jennarosedesign