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FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO Carrier Turned Architect CONTENTS Workers’ compensation insurance has stood the test of time for more than a century now. While Feature story the concept is generally well understood, in practice, there are some misconceptions. Putting Policyholders Take private insurance carriers versus Self-Insured Groups (SIGs), Back On Track for instance. SIGs can leave employers vulnerable, explains Kathleen Carroll, Esq., Managing The Downside Of Group Self-Insurance 3 Director for Guy Carpenter & Company. The initial cost may be attractive, but they hide a greater Letter From The President & CEO 5 risk. Katie’s insights are required reading. FAQ Underwriting 8 Companies who have lived through catastrophic claims need no convincing about the value of workers’ compensation. Our CAT team recently expanded, Create Customer Loyalty 9 adding trauma services as part of its response protocol. Laurie Parsons, Director of Claim, and Nanci Ginty Butler, from Riverside Trauma Center, Are You An Accidental Diminisher? 12 take us through the program, our newest example of innovation. Turning to broker expectations, Gary Heffernan and Brendan Carr discuss 7 Strategies To Take Your 14 our front-line approach to underwriting, injury prevention, and worksite Business To The Next Level wellness. As your point of contact, our broker-centric teams are ready to address any issues in your business as they arise. And for the day- Are You Chronically Late? to-day, Kevin Snyder, Senior Manager-Underwriting, and Patricia Carlo, 16 Underwriting Assistant Supervisor, respond to some FAQs. You can always 8 Tips For Showing Up On Time reach us. Central to our mission at A.I.M. Mutual is the injured worker experience. Pre-Suasion: 20 We expedite quality care, knowing that workplace injuries can be life Selling Into The Ideal Moment changing. This year we join with industry partners nationwide in supporting Kids’ Chance, a scholarship program for children with parents who have Overcome The Digital Skills Gap 23 suffered a serious work injury. Dan Landers, Director of Field Operations, With Free Social Media Education was instrumental in setting up the New Hampshire chapter. Rounding out this issue are two articles which may interest you as both Meetings, You’re Doing Them Wrong 24 employer and broker partner. Stacy Connolly, Payroll & HR Administrator, provides strategies for dealing with conflict in the workplace and why it’s not The Ripple Effects Of Wellness 25 always a bad thing. In the wellness arena, we take a modest bow as Martha Gagnon, Injury Prevention & Worksite Wellness Supervisor, highlights how we “walk the walk.” Conflict Resolution In The Workplace 26 In these ways—and in others—we go beyond what other carriers provide. Think of us as your architect when your account needs that custom work. Educating Children Of Injured Workers 28 We’ll come up with a winning blueprint. 6 Catastrophic Claims: Crisis Management 30 CAT InjuryResponse Partner 31 Sincerely, Michael E. Standing President & CEO, A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies 5