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OUTREACH TO EMPLOYEES Meet Our New Catastrophic Injury Response Partners BY: NANCI GINTY BUTLER, LICSW, RIVERSIDE TRAUMA CENTER RIVERSIDE TRAUMA Center is part of A.I.M. Mutual’s CAT team network. Riverside’s counselors provide critical services in the aftermath of workplace trauma incidents and may be asked to work with policyholders under certain circumstances. What often gets overlooked in the aftermath of a workplace accident or traumatic event? When responding to a crisis, supervisors or administrators may be, understandably, focused on the logistics of what needs to happen next. There may be a belief that whatever style of grieving or coping works best for them is what’s best for their entire team. In addition, as they focus on supporting their team, they may not be taking care of themselves. Another area to consider is all the other people affected by the injury or loss. Are there remote employees who had frequent contact with the worker? We want to be sure to provide support for a wide range of individuals and teams who may be impacted. What is the mission of Riverside Trauma Center? Riverside Trauma Center provides critical incident services throughout New England. We work with communities, schools, health and human services providers, workplaces, and individuals. Our team is composed of highly trained, licensed mental health professionals who have expertise in managing acute trauma, traumatic grief, and other highly stressful events. We’ve provided support services after incidents such as the Boston Marathon bombing; the workplace shootings at Edgewater Technologies in Wakefield, Massachusetts; and a bus crash that took the lives of four students in Newton, Massachusetts. In the past 10 years, we have worked to expand the availability of our services by partnering with workplaces, trade organizations, and employee assistance programs. What can an employer expect from Riverside after a workplace trauma? We consult with the company contact responsible for organizing the response to get an understanding of the particular needs, corporate culture, and impacted employees. Who was directly involved? Were there injuries or fatalities? Who needs to be informed? Are there other considerations, such as a police investigation, that might affect what we do? These are some of the questions we might ask. How did you come to partner with A.I.M. Mutual? We were contacted by the Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute (BDOHI) which was seeking a provider of psychological trauma response services to complement its medical service model. Both A.I.M. Mutual and BDOHI expressed a service need for addressing an employee’s psychological health following an on-site critical incident, whether it be the injured worker or that worker’s colleagues, to facilitate recovery for everyone involved. From there we’d provide options, things that have worked well based on our experience in similar situations. If requested, we’d go out and provide on-site support for the impacted staff. We provide both individual and group support using evidence-informed practices. Our services are always tailored to the specific needs of the workplace and the event. ABOUT NANCI GINTY BUTLER What services do you provide for employers? We provide outreach, consultation, and counseling to help people recover from the overwhelming stress caused by traumatic events using evidence-based modalities of Psychological First Aid and Post-Traumatic Stress Management. We also provide expert consultation to employers, developing or updating their critical incident protocols. We work with companies looking to adopt a trauma-informed approach within their workplace and provide training. NANCI GINTY BUTLER, LICSW, is Senior Clinician- Coordinator for Program Development at Riverside Trauma Center. She has 20 years of experience as a clinician and trainer and has been a Trauma Responder for both broad-scale and localized events. She holds a specialty certificate in Family Therapy and is a Certified Instructor for QPR Gatekeeper (suicide prevention), a Certified Instructor in Youth Mental Health First Aid, and a Certified Trainer for the Signs of Suicide school- based curriculum. Nanci is also an Adjunct Professor at the Boston University School of Social Work. 31