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Sebastian Grasso, CEO of Windham Group, and others to form a hands- on board of directors. Grasso chaired the state organization before passing responsibilities to Stacey Foote, who is MEMIC’s Director of Claims Shared Services. Grasso continues to serve as Treasurer. New Hampshire board members also include Donna Daneke, Esq., from Summit Packaging Systems, and Marian Mitchell from The Lawson Group. Also critical to launching New Hampshire’s chapter was Michael Stango, A.I.M. Mutual’s IT Manager, who built the Kids’ Chance of New Hampshire website in his off-hours. In the Granite State and nationwide, it’s #MoreMoneyForMoreKids, a word- of-mouth campaign to expand and sustain scholarship opportunities. Active discussions are under way to form chapters in Connecticut and Maine, according to National Membership Director Cheryl Doucette. Meantime, donations are welcome for established chapters in Massachusetts, Vermont, and now New Hampshire—other states where A.I.M. Mutual writes business—as well as in other parts of the country. “We’re happy to support this amazing and critically important initiative,” said Michael Standing, A.I.M. Mutual’s CEO and President. “In this business, we work hard to prevent workplace accidents, but when they do occur, they can be devastating and impact so many lives.” A.I.M. Mutual has made a start- up contribution to the New Hampshire chapter as early fund-raising efforts get under way. Brokers and other members of the workers’ compensation community can make online donations directly to their state chapter. Those funds stay local, used for applicants who are current residents or had a parent who worked in that state at the time of injury. How to Apply for Kids’ Chance Scholarships Applying for scholarships is easy. Families can fill out a Contact Us form on any state website at any time. “Families don’t need to wait until senior year of high school to apply,” explains Dan Landers. “That’s really important to remember. We have a Planning for the Future database at planning-for-the-future where a parent or guardian can register a three-year- old child, if that’s when the workplace accident or death took place. At college time, the local chapter of Kids’ Chance will reach out.” Dan encourages brokers to let their employer-clients know about Kids’ Chance so they, in turn, can share the information with families of severely injured workers. While Kids’ Chance is already helping hundreds of students, keeping the mission front and center is crucial. Their ultimate goal is ambitious: “We envision a time when all children affected by a parent’s work-related injury or death can pursue their educational dreams without financial burden.” For Tyler Stull, the young man whose 29 Dad was injured at a construction site, Kids’ Chance came through. He is currently at Philadelphia University studying architecture, in part, through a scholarship provided by the Pennsylvania chapter. For more information on Tyler’s story and the stories of other scholarship recipients, visit: