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they have upcoming surgery, will your team members acknowledge what has been mentioned and show empathy? HOW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EARNED WARBY PARKER FREE PR Often, your customers share information with you that calls for empathy. You can use that to build a stronger relationship. Take this Warby Parker story as an example. A customer of Warby Parker in Atlanta showed up to pick up her glasses and after the employee asked her how her day was going, she responded with: “Not well. I had my car stolen yesterday…I’m here to pick up the glasses that I ordered.” Side note: I’m wearing glasses from Warby Parker as I write this – I love them and their company – they are actually the company I’m learning from the most from right now. The Warby Parker employee could have simply said: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Here are your glasses…” But it’s what they did next that’s separates them from their competition and is something I’m preaching within my businesses and to my clients…they are creating customer micro-experiences. A customer micro-experience is a subtle, affordable and memorable gesture you do for your customers that resonates with them for years. The Warby Parker team sent this hand-written card to the customer shortly after: “Hey Tess, We were so sorry to hear about your car. Since you probably won’t be the designated driver anytime soon, here’s a round on us! Love, your friends at Warby Parker. PS. Your Durand frames look amazing!” The customer had mentioned in passing that she felt like she needed a beer. Within the envelope was a gift certificate to a local microbrewery so the customer could get that beer. This Warby Parker employee listened, showed empathy and took action on what she had heard to create a memorable experience. Now, not any employee could do something like this. Only truly empathetic people could do this genuinely. I don’t know the Warby Parker customer personally but I’d bet that this customer will never buy prescription sunglasses from another company again in her life, which is true customer loyalty. Oh, not to mention, this customer experience earned Warby Parker free PR in Forbes, Business Insider and Mashable. As the saying goes, customer experience is marketing! Michel Falcon Michel Falcon is an entrepreneur, advisor, and international keynote speaker who leverages customer and employee engagement strategies to grow businesses. As an entrepreneur, Michel has grown a hospitality company with over one hundred employees and tens of millions in yearly revenue. Companies like McDonald’s, Verizon Wireless, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, Illumina, Electronic Arts, and BlueCross BlueShield have called on Michel to work with them on their strategy or speak at their company events. Michel has traveled throughout the world, visiting Canada, USA, Israel, Austria, Australia, Germany, Nigeria, and others to speak at conferences ranging in size from 25 to 1,200 audience members. His thought leadership has been included in Entrepreneur, Inc, Time, Forbes, Digiday, and Yahoo Small Business Advisors. 11