The Connection Magazine AIM MUTUAL Fall 2019 - Page 5

FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO CONTENTS THE MARK OF RESPECT Feature story 28 Chase Corporation Meets Global Demands with Innovation Associated Industries of Massachusetts 2 Welcome John Regan Navigating Paid Family & Medical Leave 3 Putting Compliance in the Spotlight Pay-as-You-go Workers’ Compensation How do you Organize? 6 8 9 How to Communicate with CEOs 10 A Limitation Can be a Strength 12 A Formula for Growth in Excellence 7 Ways to Get to the Next Level 14 16 A Shortcut to Landing the Deal 20 Making Your Home and Kids Smarter 22 Five Things You Can Say No To 24 Partnership at Work: 25 Injured Worker Makes Amazing Strides Lessons Learned Workers’ Compensation Claims 26 Remote Workforce Engagement 30 We had the pleasure of featuring Tom Peters in our national content in the last Connection Magazine. Many of us considered his In Search of Excellence required reading, and more recently, he made this observation: “Listening is the mark of respect, the heart and soul of engagement.” We couldn’t agree more. Our tagline “First, We Listen” captures the way we do business. In this changing landscape of ours, it’s clear that we must be in lockstep with the constituents we serve or risk working at cross purposes. Consider the transformation we’ve seen in industries like manufacturing, one of our largest niche markets. The Chase Corporation, featured in our policyholder profile, has kept its roots in Massachusetts and has successfully met the challenges of a fluid global market. As their workers’ compensation insurer, we’ve adapted our services to their needs over the course of 28 years. We’ve listened. No one understands the issues employers face better than John Regan, the newly-appointed President and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts, our companies’ sponsor. We congratulate John and wish him well as he continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the Commonwealth’s business community. At A.I.M. Mutual, developing the next generation of leaders is key, and we’ve customized an intensive training path in our P.R.I.M.E. initiative. Compliance has emerged as a top issue, and Robin D’Eri and Jodi Williams recap how our concentrated focus evolved. On the claim side, Chris Moncada takes us to Connecticut where we meet Edwin Bartis, who suffered a severe workplace injury. Mr. Bartis’s remarkable story is certain to join those we’ll remember years from now, like the ones claim supervisors recount on page 26. Legislation, technology, and alternative ways of doing business are all impacting today’s workforce. Drew Schildwachter of ConnectPay delves into a new workers’ comp payment option for small business known as pay-as- you-go. While we already offer online payment in full, we’ll be taking a close look at this feature in 2020. Employment law continues to demand our full attention, and Teri Bowman, Director of HR, explains what to expect from the new Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) law in Massachusetts. Finally, Kim Walker talks about “road warriors” and how to engage them through worksite wellness, a great way to mitigate feelings of isolation. As always, I invite you to share your feedback with us. That’s the very foundation of all we do. Michael E. Standing President & CEO, A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies 5