The Connection Magazine AIM MUTUAL Fall 2019 - Page 27

LISA BATTIS Lisa Battis, AIC, Regional Claim Specialist Supervisor, has been involved with workers’ comp claims for A.I.M. Mutual since 1994 and has been supervising the regional team since 2014. Prior to A.I.M. Mutual, she worked for Hanover Insurance, holding positions of increasing responsibility. Fluent in Portuguese, Lisa represents the company at Boston-area conciliation hearings. 2011. Following this alleged work injury, the employee was hospitalized for extreme lumbar pain on several occasions. With prescriptions for Percocet becoming routine, we conducted an additional investigation which led to litigation and subpoena requests for past records. We discovered a history of opioid dependence going back to 2009 following a motor vehicle accident, which was not work-related. What’s more, she was filing workers’ compensation claims with multiple employers, with most of her injuries resulting in settlements, followed by a quick return to work with a different employer. By late 2012, a court hearing determined there was persuasive medical evidence to support that narcotics were a driving force behind the employee’s history of filing for workers’ compensation injuries. The officer terminated both her indemnity and medical benefits. I often use this case in training. It made me realize that you always need to do your due diligence and investigate every claim thoroughly even when the “facts” seem straightforward. Even though this claim has been closed due to inactivity for several years now, I still periodically run an insurance claim report out of curiosity. Since the 2011 work injury, she has reported five other claims with different employers. ARAM KALASHIAN Aram Kalashian, Claim Supervisor, has supervised workers’ compensation claims for over 7 years. He joined A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies in 2001 as a claim service representative and held various positions within the claim department. Aram has successfully completed and participated in several training programs and industry seminars focusing on fraud identification, litigation, and settlement negotiations. Aram holds an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Northern Essex Community College. KEITH MAILLOUX Inspiration and Perspective By: Kathryn Kelley, Senior Claim Supervisor Keith Mailloux, Claim Supervisor, has worked on workers’ compensation claims for A.I.M. Mutual since 2003. Prior to being promoted to a supervisor in 2017, he held the position of Claim Technical Coordinator and was responsible for the training needs of the claim department. Keith, who is licensed in New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts, is also responsible for Longshore and Harbor workers’ compensation claims. Keith holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and English from Merrimack College. Even today, I’m still amazed when I think of “John” and how he came to terms with his devastating work injury. He’d fallen out of a tree, sustained a severe spinal cord injury, and was now a quadriplegic. I visited with him at home shortly after his release from a rehabilitation facility. I was struck by how positive his attitude was. He seemed to accept what had happened and was moving on. He would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, yet he accepted that without complaint. His ex- wife also helped to care for him in the early months, taking him in to live with her. I thought that was a remarkable and unselfish thing to do. I couldn’t help but contrast this case with those I’d handled previously in my career as an auto claims adjuster. I handled total vehicle losses for a while, and so many times, people were irate, rude, and even depressed over the loss of a car. It may not be a fair comparison, but it puts things in perspective. John was kind, easy to work with, and very appreciative of all we did with his injury management and workers’ compensation benefits. It was an eye-opening experience for me. It added to my compassion and understanding of what workers with serious injuries must overcome. KATHRYN KELLEY Kathryn Kelley, Senior Claim Supervisor, supervises third- party recovery, second injury fund recoveries, and reinsurance reporting and updating. Prior to joining A.I.M. Mutual claims in 1997, she worked extensively in workers’ comp and multi-line claims as a procedures auditor, adjuster, and in supervisory roles. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. 27