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INJURY MANAGEMENT Partnership at Work: Injure d Worker Make s Amaz ing Strid es AT A.I.M. MUTUAL, Senior Claim Representatives are often assigned serious and complex claims. We know decisions must be made without delay. Approving acute care, assigning a patient advocate to follow the treatment, and putting resources in place are priorities. The reason? Communication and collaboration are proven first steps toward a positive patient outcome and successful return to work. We’ve seen that, time and again. As you might expect, the road back is not easy for many injured workers. No one understands that better than Edwin Bartis, who has given us permission to discuss his claim and journey over the last year. In December, Mr. Bartis was working 30 feet up on the roof of a commercial building in Franklin, Massachusetts, when he fell to the ground and sustained multiple serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. He required urgent medical attention and was transported to Rhode Island Hospital. Upon notice of this injury, I immediately assigned Diane Silvia, a nurse with Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute that facilitates care for injured workers. She reached out to the hospital to ensure there was no delay in treatment. Mr. Bartis’s injuries required the care of several different specialists and multiple surgeries, and he was hospitalized for nearly a month. Once stable enough for transfer, he began inpatient rehab at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Hospital in Wallingford, Connecticut. Gaylord specializes in rehab for patients who have experienced a traumatic accident. It was here that Mr. Bartis received extensive physical therapy to, quite literally, get him back on his feet. Throughout his 49- day stay, Gaylord’s staff updated our medical and claim personnel on a biweekly basis with Mr. Bartis’s gains, status, expectations, and goals. By all accounts, his progress was promising, and he was ready to continue rehab on an outpatient basis. Edwin Bartis Beforehand, a team from A.I.M. Mutual and Gaylord Hospital worked to prepare Mr. Bartis’s home with all of the required durable medical equipment. When Mr. Bartis was discharged home in March, he was back to a regular diet, walking short distances with a cane, and capable of activities of daily living at an independent level. Today, not quite a year from his date of injury, Mr. Bartis continues his medical regimen, hopeful he can return to gainful employment. His orthopedic care and physical therapy are ongoing, and our patient advocate remains on the case, monitoring all his treatment, attending medical appointments with Mr. Bartis, and liaising frequently with me. Upon discharge, Gaylord Hospital featured Mr. Bartis in its “Experts in Healing, Experts in Hope” patient outcome campaign. At A.I.M. Mutual Insurance, we look to this claim experience, and others like it, as one example of success through collaboration. ABOUT CHRIS MONCADA CHRIS MONCADA, AIC, is a Senior Claim Representative at A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies, responsible for investigation, evaluation, and settlement primarily of Massachusetts and Connecticut claims. He is also licensed in New Hampshire. Previously, Chris worked as a publicist for Alligator Records and later in the franchise business industry. He has been with A.I.M. Mutual since 2012. He also has hands-on experience in fine woodworking and manufacturing and holds a B.A. degree in Communications from DePaul University. 25