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Reconnecting the dots

The NeuroHealth Institute helped Cordie find the balance she needed to thrive with epilepsy .
ordie McGhee never really felt like her health was under control — until she found the NeuroHealth Institute at Baylor Scott & White .
Cordie has lived most of her life managing three chronic illnesses . As a toddler , she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as well as eosinophilic asthma , a severe type of asthma caused by an abundance of white blood cells — but , she wasn ’ t about to let her health slow her down .
Then , in her early teenage years , Cordie began having focal seizures , or partial seizures , several times a week . She was diagnosed with epilepsy , but had limited access to advanced care from her family ’ s remote home in Alaska .
By the time she went to college in Nevada , Cordie was experiencing small focal seizures 12 to 18 times a day . Though her seizures were unnoticeable to others , they were very disruptive for Cordie , adding an extra layer of difficulty to her education . She struggled with memory , headaches , and severe chronic mental fatigue . “ The regimen I was on wasn ’ t keeping it under control , and we didn ’ t know what my triggers were ,” she says . “ I constantly felt like I hadn ’ t slept in days , and I couldn ’ t gather my thoughts . But , I have a really strong drive to succeed , and I figured out
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