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Expanding Care to the Underserved …

conditions including depression , anxiety , grief and other behavioral or mental health concerns . Philanthropic support has allowed for an expansion of the model to include addiction services , offered through virtual appointments with licensed psychiatrists . Because patients with unmanaged or complex chronic disease often have underlying mental , emotional and behavioral health issues , the opportunity to help keep them healthier is great .
Generous support also now allows for patients of
E . T . and Carla Bradley
BSW Community Care Clinics to access additional care from local physicians who specialize in cardiology , ophthalmology , podiatry , nephrology , neurology , OB / GYN , pulmonary , hepatology or wound care .
Philanthropists E . T . and Carla Bradley chose to give to an endowment that helps to support the expansion of services offered through BSW Community Care Clinics . To see the model for themselves , the Bradleys met personally with Dr . Zsohar and toured clinics . At Baylor Scott & White CitySquare Clinic , they met with staff , including Dr . Schwab and Dr . McKinney , brothers-in-law who make providing care to the underserved their life ’ s work .
“ The brothers-in-law told me they actually spend time getting to know the patient to find out how the person lives to offer up the best medical services that will make the most impact ,” E . T . Bradley said . “ These providers on the front line are the real rock stars .”
“ Doctors Schwab and McKinney are talented clinicians and very caring individuals , and feel that their role is not only to take care of patients but also to teach physician residents . These doctors in training gain experiences that change their understanding of disease and environment , and they will carry these lessons throughout their career ,” Dr . Zsohar said .
The Bradleys were able to see first-hand the power the community has to leverage resources to effect change , Dr . Zsohar said .
“ It ’ s our duty individually to do what each of us can do . We can help where we can help , when we can help . Don ’ t just sit there and think about it ; take some action !” Bradley said . “ I ’ m not a doctor ; I can ’ t go in there and do that work , but I can help financially .”
Gifts like the Bradleys and others made by generous donors have empowered dedicated clinicians to serve the underserved and homeless with compassionate care that seeks to improve individuals ’ lives . Studies show the efficacy of the model , Zsohar noted :
BSW Community Care Clinics have helped patients make improvements in diseasespecific measures , go back to work and decrease emergency department usage — all of which inspires staff .
“ This work is challenging , yet our clinics have incredibly high retention rates for physicians and staff . Our people want to keep doing this work ,” Dr . Zsohar added .
For information on how you can help support efforts at BSW Community Care Clinics , please contact Amy Monday at Amy . Monday @ BSWHealth . org .

Service starts at home …

For Garrett Schwab , MD and Ben McKinney ,
MD , service to others is a reflection of their Christian faith and their strong desire to make a difference . They are dedicated to their work at Baylor Scott & White Community Care Clinic at CitySquare , where they create a family-like atmosphere … because they are family .
Dr . McKinney is married to Dr . Schwab ’ s sister , Emily . Together , these brothers-in-law are fulfilling a dream to help people from underserved communities and inspire other clinicians to do the same .
“ We met in medical school at OU ,” Dr . Schwab said . “ We felt like God was calling us to work together someday . Somewhere in that process , I introduced Ben to my sister and here we are , eight years and three kids later for them .” A research project during Dr . McKinney ’ s residency led him to Dallas , where he met Jeffrey Zsohar , MD , and learned how BSW Community Care Clinics provide care to people in underserved urban environments .
When two positions opened up at BSW CitySquare , Dr . McKinney realized that the dream he and his brother-in-law had to work together in an environment like this could become reality — they began treating patients there in 2017 .
Both doctors also felt it important to be members of the community they served . When they moved to Dallas , they chose to live near each other and the clinic , settling in homes about a mile away from CitySquare , in the same neighborhood where many of their patients live .
“ It definitely opened up doors , especially in being able to relate to patients ,” Dr . Schwab said of his decision to locate his family in the area he serves . “ When patients talk about certain struggles they have , like why they ’ re not walking in their neighborhood because of stray dogs , we have lived and experienced it , too . When we ’ re able to talk about things in the community , it removes some barriers in that relationship .”
Since starting their practice in Dallas , the brothers-in-law have seen their medical ministry expand . In addition to providing patient care themselves , they also supervise physician residents who ,
Dr . Garrett Schwab and Dr . Ben McKinney like them , are interested in working in underserved communities . “ It is exciting to be able to multiply our work by training residents ,” Dr . Schwab said . “ Our hope and prayer is that we will bring in medical students and residents who will do this type of work when they graduate , and that the training they receive here will prepare them for a lifetime of service .”
“ Supporting an initiative like BSW CitySquare is an investment in people and in the community ,” Dr . McKinney added .
“ When you realize that people are now going to be able to work — that they ’ re not going to have that heart attack or stroke at a young age , that they ’ re going to be able to put food on the table , that they ’ re going to be able to take care of their kids — that hope and desire is happening in our clinic .”