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A Passion to Serve …

in the community , and it was his task to increase awareness about public health and social services .
As you might imagine , Pete learned many important life lessons during his time in Alaska . Perhaps one of the most memorable lessons he learned was while covering the 1,000-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race , traveling checkpoint to checkpoint in a two-seat bush plane .
Months before the race , sled dogs and their musher ( the only team member with just two legs ) learn to work together as one , pursuing the same goal . Through a brutal Alaskan winter , they traveled through the remote wildernesses , competing against other teams and the clock . Their intensity and focus were evident , as was their unwavering commitment to the team .
Pete draws many parallels between that experience in Alaska and the work he sees across Baylor Scott & White each day . “ We are a team united by our Mission ,” said Pete . “ Your personal success and the organization ’ s success are all about the team — we are in it together . If you get that right , you can achieve anything .”
Driven by Mission , Grounded by Family The importance of surrounding yourself with the right team has spilled over into Pete ’ s personal life as well . He warms with pride as he talks about his wife of 35 years , Maria , and her heart for serving others through her former career as a nurse and her ongoing support of him since their earliest days together at The University of Texas . They met while she was pursuing her degree in nursing and he was finishing his master ’ s degree , and today , they have three daughters : Carmen ( age
“ I believe we are better positioned than any organization in the country to shape the future of healthcare .”
– Pete McCanna
26 ), Catherine ( age 24 ) and Carla ( age 22 ). “ Maria and I are so incredibly proud of our girls — their compassion for others , their commitment to hard work and doing what ’ s right , and their ability to keep me grounded ,” laughed Pete . “ To them , I ’ m not CEO of the largest not-for-profit health system in Texas , I ’ m dad , and they never hesitate to tell me what to do , say or wear . If three daughters in their
20s can ’ t keep you humbled and grounded , I don ’ t know what can .”
Shaping Care for the Future Looking toward the future , Pete has his sights set high . He understands that since he joined the System four and a half years ago , the needs and expectations of those served by Baylor Scott & White have rapidly evolved — the healthcare industry is in a time of extraordinary change .
“ This is a time of great opportunity to deepen the connection between our work and our purpose . Our team has the talent , dedication , tools and resources to become the most customer-centric , the most accessible , the most frictionless , the most personalized for patients ,” he explained . “ We will look for even more ways to amplify our Mission-driven efforts and extend our legacy of leadership and service .”
Pete elaborated that it ’ s more than just responding to evolving customer wants — it ’ s looking at healthcare through the lens of the patients who are consuming it . After watching his parents , who are in their 80s , try to navigate their own medical care and encounter countless difficulties and challenges along the way , he knows the future of care continues to demand clinical excellence , but also personalization .
“ You have to be able to care for the whole person and everything they need along their healthcare journey ,” Pete shared . “ That ’ s really what the challenge is in my mind , and I believe we are better positioned than any organization in the country to shape the future of healthcare .”
Pete credits his three daughters ( from left ), Carmen , Catherine and Carla , with keeping him humble and grounded .

Q & A with

CEO Pete McCanna

What role does philanthropy play in a healthcare system like Baylor Scott & White ?
Pete : I really believe that philanthropy is the key element for excellence in a healthcare organization .
First , it creates great opportunities to connect and engage with people who are influential and committed to improving their community . These individuals are really connected to hearing our story , to providing real , actionable feedback and to serving as our ambassadors in the community when they see excellence in the work we do . The leadership , guidance and support we receive from these engaged philanthropists help us amplify our mission and make a lasting impact in the way we provide care .
Second , philanthropic support serves as the key element that takes us from being very good to excellent . It provides the extra investment and resources to support innovations in new treatments , innovations in clinical trials and innovations in delivering care in new and different ways .
Why do you think Baylor Scott & White receives such generous support from community donors year after year ?
Pete : Great organizations have great philanthropic donors who support them . And in my experience , donors want to give money to organizations that are going to make good use of their gifts and those that are effective stewards of their dollars . I think we have a proven track record for that .