The COMPASS Issue No 1 | Page 4

Meridian Virtual was founded as a Code Share and Charter Virtual Airline. We operate flights for Delta, United, British Airways, Cape Air and UPS. Our current hubs are located at (KSDF) Louisville International Airport-Standiford Field, the home of UPS and (KSNA) John Wayne-Orange County Airport. In addition to the code shares, we offer a variety of ways our pilots can select a flight. We have a random jobs generator that spits out a variety of jobs throughout the day; we have our Charter Ops center where the job is available until flown and the system rarely repeats; and finally we have our Cargo Ops center which functions much like the Charter Ops center, but you have the option of flying various Cargo missions big, medium and small. If that is not enough for you we have over 10,000 routes in the database. Our main database has over 2,000 different airports. We do this to keep the system running quickly and smoothly. If you do not find an airport you like, just search our Charter Ops database which contains over 42,000 airports. FEATURED ROUTES Meridian is one of the more challenging Virtual Airlines to join and fly for. Our goal is not to have hundreds of inactive pilots that have not flown in months. We also seek more experienced pilots than the average Virtual Airline. In order to attract more active and more experienced pilots, we have spent money on the best modules available to give you a lot of options, and a quality web client. Our entrance exam is not very easy to pass, but for the experienced Virtual Pilot it should be no issue. Half the test covers basic piloting skills and the other half covers our rules. We require each pilot to fly a minimum of 10 hours per month. All PIREPS must have a landing rate under -600 fpm, overspeeds must be under 16kts, and correct altitude for direction of flight must be used. Before joining our family we ask you to carefully read our requirements. We understand that our rules will turn away a lot of pilots, but we would rather be a smaller airline of experienced, active pilots, than a large airline of pilots that have not flown in years. As a Virtual Airline we promise to provide you with the best experience available. We will only introduce the best modules available. As the landscape changes and more items become available we will bring the to you. Getting your pireps cleared is not an issue here. There is always a member of management around watching the system, and you will rarely find a PIREP older than 1 hour. In fact most times your PIREP is approved by the time you hit the gate. If you have questions, use our VA Mail system, and you will receive an answer usually in under 2 hours. We expect a lot of you, so we hope you would expect great service from us, and it is our pleasure to provide it. Our system works with FS9, FSX, FSX Steam Edition, X Plane 9, 10 and soon 11, and Prepar3d Versions 1-3. We support smartCARS, kACARS, CCFree Tracker, XAcars, FSFK, FSACARS, and FS Passengers. We are currently working an bringing our own tailor made ACARS in the future. PC and Mac Pilots are welcome. We have a whole array of Tours and Awards to include awards for members of the US Military and Public Safety. We hold weekly events and you are more than welcome to join us on TeamSpeak, where we really do have a lot of fun. If you are an active and experience Virtual Pilot, and you are looking for a high-end Virtual Airline, we believe we have you covered. 4| Issue DEC|| MDN MDN | | DEC Issue| 5