The Compass – Fort Worth Winter 2021 - Page 5


Get to Know our First-Year

Medical Residents

ll Saints Health Foundation sat down with two members from the first class of internal medicine residents at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth to learn more about them .

Clara M . Harris , MD

What has been your favorite rotation so far ?
Nephrology . Dr . Shori is committed to training , education , and excellence . With those high marks , he ’ s still very caring and compassionate .
What do you do for fun when you have time ?
I enjoy running / walking outdoors and writing poems when inspiration strikes . I also have a great time with my fiancé who plans incredible activities . In addition , I ’ m growing a fondness for my co-residents , so hopefully future fun includes some time with the group .
What do you love about Fort Worth ?
I love that I picked Baylor Scott & White - Fort Worth and they picked me back . Seriously , though , Fort Worth has a very nice park near campus with beautiful scenery . There is a nice downtown area with diverse foods and two shopping centers .

Ricardo Albarran- Anguiano , MD

What drew you to study medicine ?
My path to medicine has been a very nontraditional journey . Coming out of high school I was intending to play collegiate soccer , but ended up turning down scholarship offers so that I could focus on my education , which at the time was a profound interest in architecture . I subsequently enrolled on a full ride to my alma mater ( Go Hogs ! WPS !) at the famed Fay Jones School of Architecture . After completing my first design studio , I switched majors and nearly applied to dental school . During this time , I vividly recall watching an interview on the life story of neurosurgeon Dr . Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa . His story inspired me to chase the impossible . So , I took the MCAT on short notice and the rest is history .
Why did you pick Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth for your placement ?
Unfortunately , during COVID we weren ’ t allowed the luxury of visiting potential residency sites . My wife and I took a road trip to Fort Worth to visit the
area and we really liked it . I also really appreciated the gift box during interview season that was sent to me . It made me feel wanted by the residency , which increased my consideration in ranking BAS .
What has been your favorite rotation so far ?
I am looking forward to my gastroenterology and hepatology rotations .
What is the most interesting or rewarding thing you ’ ve experienced so far ?
I had a memorable patient with metastatic disease on hospice . I sat down to talk with her about anything she wanted throughout her stay . She told me I had been the only doctor to have spent time listening to her . Those moments and conversations will stay with me forever !
What is the most unexpected thing you ’ ve experienced so far ?
Being awakened by a code blue , which is a patient emergency that is considered life-threatening , in the middle of the night
What do you do for fun when you have time ? Spend time with my family
What do you love about Fort Worth ? The BBQ ! I love the charisma and bravery of Texans . I love the new changes and growth of the city .