The Compass – Fort Worth Winter 2021 - Page 2

Letter from the President & the Chair

Fall has finally arrived , bringing a chill to the air , and turning the leaves from green to vibrant hues of red and gold . These changes of the season often cause us to become more reflective and afford us the opportunity to express gratitude for the blessings we have received throughout the year .
Did you know that practicing gratitude can have healing effects on your emotional and physical well-being ?
Science has shown that people who practice gratitude regularly experience higher levels of positive emotions including more joy , optimism , enthusiasm , and happiness .
Experiencing and expressing gratitude doesn ’ t just create happiness ; it also leads to better health . For example , studies reveal that positive feelings generated through making charitable gifts motivated by gratitude have far-reaching benefits , including a stronger immune system and a cardiovascular system that is less reactive to stress .
Often , gratitude for exceptional care is one of the key reasons people make charitable gifts to the Baylor Scott & White All Saints Health Foundation . Philanthropy is a powerful way for our patients to express their gratitude to their physicians , nurses , and other caregivers .
It is our hope you will be inspired by the stories , program highlights and
Foundation news contained in these pages . You will undoubtedly be proud of what your philanthropic efforts do for so many , every day .
Now it is our turn to express our gratitude to you — our loyal donors . Your generosity ignites life-changing moments for our patients and loved ones , and we are very grateful .
Warm regards ,
Amy Adkins President , Baylor Scott & White All Saints Health Foundation Amy . Adkins @ BSWHealth . org
David Nolet Chair , Board of Directors Baylor Scott & White All Saints Health Foundation

COVID-19 Update

Monoclonal antibodies help in the fight against COVID-19

ince COVID-19 vaccines became available , we have shared with you that this is our best defense against the pandemic . Vaccines protect you and your family , friends , and neighbors and move us closer to getting back to doing the things we love .
As active coronavirus cases , hospitalizations , and deaths due to the virus persist , medical professionals and researchers are learning more about the virus daily , including the effectiveness of monoclonal antibody infusion treatments for COVID-19 . Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system ’ s ability to fight off harmful pathogens , such as viruses . Antibodies used to treat COVID-19 are specifically directed against the spike protein in SARS CoV-2 and block the virus ’ attachment and entry into human cells .
Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth was the first hospital in Fort Worth , and the first hospital within the Baylor Scott & White Health System , to administer monoclonal antibody infusions .
Initially reserved for patients over a certain age with existing medical conditions , today the use of monoclonal antibody infusions has expanded to include anyone who has tested positive and is within 10 days of symptoms . The treatments are very well studied through multiple different randomized placebocontrolled trials and demonstrate that the well-designed neutralizing , monoclonal antibodies can decrease the risk for progression to hospitalization .
As we enter winter weather and flu seasons , the threat of variants is possible . We encourage people who experience symptoms of COVID-19 not to wait for their symptoms to worsen . “ It is important to know what therapies work best at what stage of the disease ,” said Robert Gottlieb , MD , lead physician for the COVID-19 therapeutic response for the Baylor Scott & White Health System .

Donate Gifts of Appreciated Stock

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