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PHILANTHROPY IN ACTION How Fort Worth Philanthropy Is Making a Difference Angel Eye Camera System In addition to being the only dedicated Intensive Care Unit Expansion Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Over the past few years, the level of acuity Swallowing women’s hospital in Tarrant County, of patients at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Andrews Women’s Hospital operates the Worth has dramatically increased. The number of conditions, including feeding largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Intensive Care Unit provides round-the- difficulties such as lack of coordination in Tarrant County as well. Our 63-bed NICU clock care to the most critical patients, in swallowing or aspiration of milk when has an average daily census of 34 infants often requiring one-on-one care and feeding. The Morris Foundation recently with an average length of stay of 17 to 20 monitoring. Nurses work with medical helped fund the purchase of a Fiberoptic days. Parents of newborns who have a equipment, continually monitor vital signs Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing long stay in the unit often cannot see their and critical body functions, and treat the system to assist in assessing these babies’ child as frequently as they would like, due pain and discomfort of patients. ability to swallow. to work obligations or caring for other Thanks to the generosity of the Premature infants may experience a The Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation children. This challenge creates anxiety Martha Sue Parr Trust at JPMorgan Bank, of Swallowing test uses a flexible tube and limits the all-important bonding Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth was called an endoscope. This instrument between parent and infant in these initial able to expand the existing Intensive has a tiny camera and light attached to it fragile weeks. Care Unit. By adding eight beds to and allows clinicians to see the swallow accommodate the sustained high function and response to therapeutic from the Once Upon A Time Foundation, occupancy, this funding and renovation interventions on a video screen. It is a Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth has including the accompanying technology safer, less costly alternative to assess an been able to purchase an Angel Eye and equipment for each bed, has infant in the neonatal intensive care unit Camera System to allow parents and been central to meeting our mission who is suspected of aspiration on oral families to see and interact with their and providing exemplary care to our feedings. baby in the NICU via live video streaming community. Thanks to the generosity of a grant and direct, one-way audio. The Angel Eye system uses a camera mounted on the baby’s bed so parents and other family members who can’t be at the neonatal intensive care unit can view the baby 24 hours a day by logging into a secure account from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For more information on the various funding opportunities at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth, please contact the Foundation Office at 817.922.7707 or at 6 THE COMPASS / BAYLOR SCOTT & WHITE FOUNDATION NEWS / SUMMER 2019 “Philanthropic dollars, while a small part of total hospital revenue, remain crucial for hospitals as they seek to establish and enhance new patient services and fund capital projects in these challenging times.” —Mike Sanborn, President Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth