The Compass - Fort Worth The Compass, Spring 2020

SPRING 2020 Arts in Medicine Helps Promote Healing Inside this issue he echoes of cello, classical positive effect on patients’ emotions guitar, harp, and violin are new but and recuperating processes. Research welcome sounds to our patients indicates that listening to soothing music Departments and staff as they walk through the hospital. has the ability to reduce stress, blood These beautiful sounds are those of Baylor pressure, and post-operative trauma when Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – compared to silence.  2 8 Fort Worth’s new Arts in Medicine program. The vision to add music as an additional This program integrates music and the healing modality is one Amy Adkins, performing arts to promote healing and president of Baylor Scott & White All Saints enhance the lives of our patients, their Health Foundation, has had for some time. When contacted by the G.R. “Respectfully offering a compassionate presence through my cello’s voice is the most important work of my life.” —Dirje Childs Dr. Kip Hinkle in Medicine, an established News, Projects & Campaigns for a new program, Amy program at Baylor University Medical Center, part of families, visitors, and caregivers. It also one day replicating in Fort Worth. She builds on community partnerships around immediately pitched the idea to the the arts, health, and medicine. G.R. White Trust, and the rest, as they say, the healthcare setting can have a Focus On: Philanthropy immediately thought of Arts to provide seed money which she dreamed of shown that incorporating music into From the Chair 5 White Trust about a desire Baylor Scott & White Health, Music psychology studies have From the President is history. Established in December, the program’s first phase involves establishing an Continued on pg 8 2 3 4 6 7 Maria Beggs Society Beyond the Bag Graduate Medical Education Philanthropy in Action Transplant Services