The Compass – Fort Worth Spring 2021


One grateful family

After a harrowing medical crisis , the Dunlap family was inspired to support clinical training at Andrews Women ’ s Hospital . hen they arrived for the scheduled birth of their daughter in October 2019 , little did Maggie and Rick Dunlap know just how grateful they would be to be at Andrews Women ’ s Hospital at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth .
As the parents of 3-year-old Parker , Maggie and Rick were not newbies to having a baby . It was what happened in the days after delivering their beautiful baby girl , London , that changed their world .
As the family was preparing to leave the hospital , Maggie unexpectedly fainted while gathering her belongings . Hearing a sound and thinking she must have dropped her phone , Rick went to check on his wife and found her unconscious , lying on the floor with blood pooling around her face . When she briefly woke up on the bathroom floor with Rick at her side , Maggie became frantic when she couldn ’ t breathe . Rick pushed the emergency call button , and the nurse was there immediately .
In addition to a broken nose from the fall , over the next half hour , Maggie was in and out of consciousness , having what nurses initially thought were seizures . She recalls waking up every so often , gasping for air , unable to breathe , even though she had an oxygen mask on . Eventually Maggie had to be intubated . However , when the tube was placed in her trachea , the nurse knew immediately that something was very wrong .
With nurses performing CPR to keep her alive , Maggie was taken from Andrews to the Intensive Care Unit to be examined more closely . The physician who saw her had a hunch that Maggie had a blood clot in one of her pulmonary arteries , causing her to have trouble breathing on her own . Without immediate intervention , Maggie would die .
The ICU physician contacted the cardiothoracic surgery team , and they jumped into action . Maggie was prepped and ready for surgery without hesitation . Once in surgery , the diagnosis was confirmed , and a massive blood clot was removed from Maggie ’ s lung arteries . According to team members in the operating
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