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Bequesting Care to Others

Grateful patients honor parents ’ legacy by supporting program that helps seniors in need .

6 ill and Sharron Dawson settled in the Dallas area in 1986 to follow Sharron ’ s career advancement with the Department of Health and Human Services . Bill had retired from a career in the armed forces and in the precious metals business . The couple soon began speaking with Bill ’ s parents , Alan and Margaret Dawson , who had settled in South Carolina after their own retirement , about joining them in the Metroplex area . “ As the year 2000 approached , we decided it was time to bring them here to be with us ,” Bill said , talking about the extra rooms he and Sharron had available to give his parents their own space inside the Dawsons ’ home in Cedar Hill .
Among the many aspects of DFW Bill and Sharron enjoyed sharing with his parents was the excellent medical care they received through Baylor Scott & White Health . “ That ’ s one of the things about our relationship with Baylor — every doctor we have dealt with has been fantastic ,” Bill said .
“ Our family physician took care of Bill ’ s dad and then Bill ’ s mom before she passed ,” Sharron explained . “ That triggered our appreciation for what was then the senior program .”
Bill ’ s father passed in 2006 and his mother in 2013 . Friends urged Bill and Sharron to consider formalizing their wishes
for their own estate and draw up a will . “ We decided that we were just so pleased with the care my parents received . We said , ‘ Well , we don ’ t have kids — let ’ s put Baylor on our list ,’” Bill said . Specifically , Bill and Sharron thought it important to help other seniors in need of medical care , and trusted Baylor Scott & White to provide those services . Through this bequest , the Dawsons have designated a legacy of support after their own passing that will benefit the Baylor Scott & White HouseCalls program .
The HouseCalls program has provided care for senior adults in North Texas for more than 20 years . Staffed by clinicians experienced in the unique needs of geriatric patients , the program provides primary care to older adults who are homebound and unable to access healthcare through regular office visits with a physician .
“ Bringing quality care to seniors in the comfort of their home helps us support our patients to maintain a quality of life and avoid visits to the emergency room ,” said

“ We decided that we were just so pleased with the care my parents received . We said , ‘ Well , we don ’ t have kids — let ’ s put Baylor on our list .’”

— Bill Dawson
Jennifer Heffernan , MD , medical director of HouseCalls , which serves more than 1,000 patients currently enrolled in the program .
Sharron and Bill , who celebrated 50 years of marriage this past December , have said that their bequest is something akin to writing a child into a will , with the intent of benefiting a cause rather than one person after their time here on Earth . The couple is excited about benefiting others through the HouseCalls program .
“ We know the healthcare at Baylor Scott & White is spectacular ,” Sharron reinforced . “ We hope that in some small way , this helps make an impact for others .”
For more information on how you can leave a legacy through a bequest or other planned gift , please contact Craig Foster at 214.820.8196 or Craig . Foster @ BSWHealth . org . For information on the program , visit BSWHealth . com / HouseCalls .
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