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This record-breaking cyclist is raising funds for the Baylor Scott & White hospital that saved his life .

A Record-Worthy Recovery

This record-breaking cyclist is raising funds for the Baylor Scott & White hospital that saved his life .

n December 2019 , Scottish endurance cyclist Josh Quigley was just 2,000 miles shy of completing his seventh attempt at an 18,000-mile cycling trek around the world when a vehicle accidentally struck him from behind on a rural Texas highway .
Mr . Quigley was sent flying off his bike , landing about 50 yards away . A care flight helicopter brought him to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Temple , where he was treated for a traumatic brain injury , a punctured lung , and numerous fractures to his back , legs , and ribs . He underwent surgery to repair a broken heel and ankle , and to place a stent in an artery in his neck to feed blood to his brain .
Despite his extensive injuries , Mr . Quigley remained in good spirits throughout his recovery . “ It hurt to talk and to breathe . It hurt to lie in bed for such a long time ,” he says . “ But mentally and emotionally , I felt like the luckiest guy in the world . I knew how fortunate I was to be alive .”
Mr . Quigley spent five weeks in the hospital and six weeks at a rehabilitation center in Austin before he was cleared to fly home to Scotland in the company of a physician .
After 11 weeks of physical therapy and training , Mr . Quigley was back on his bike for another long-distance ride , this time to raise funds in support of Baylor Scott & White . “ Ever since my accident , I ’ ve wanted to do something to thank the hospital and staff who saved my life ,” Mr . Quigley says . Just nine months after the accident , Mr . Quigley attempted to set a new world record for completing the North Coast 500 , a 516-mile section of road in the Scottish Highlands considered to be one of the world ’ s toughest endurance challenges .
Mr . Quigley embarked from Inverness Castle at 5:00 AM on September 19th , cycling through the night and consuming all his food and drink while on his bike . On September 20 , he completed the race , beating the previous record by 4 minutes and 27 seconds with a time of 31 hours and 18 minutes , and raising more than $ 4,900 toward his $ 6,300 goal .
“ Anyone who has cycled in the mountains knows how tough that is ,” says Dr . Justin Regner , Director of Trauma and Acute Care at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple . “ For him to go on and break this cycling record is truly remarkable . In the Emergency Department , we don ’ t often get to see our patients after we treat their injuries , so it ’ s wonderful to hear that Josh has gone on to do such amazing things .”
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak , Mr . Quigley was unable to return to Texas to finish his tour around the world , though he plans to try again . “ I spent most of 2019 thinking , ‘ The next time I ’ m in Scotland , I ’ ll have finished cycling around the world ,’” he says . “ Then here I am , back home having not finished again . Though , now it ’ s not a case of if but when . I will finish what I started .” He also hopes to become the first Scottish person to win the Tour de France .
“ I know how lucky I am to be alive , and I will make the most of it ,” he says . “ I ’ m excited for my future .”
Congratulations , Josh !
Mr . Quigley recovers shortly after being hit by a car going 70 mph .