The Compass Fall 2020 | Page 5

and procedures , documenting the girl ’ s medical journey and honoring her courage throughout treatment .
3:00 PM - Sarah invites a patient to the playroom for some video games . When they arrive , they meet other patients there . Everyone joins in together and feels “ normal ” for a little while .
4:00 PM - Ally spends time with two parents creating ink footprints with their baby boy who has just passed away . The baby has two older sisters who are feeling sad and confused . Ally helps the parents find the words to explain to the sisters what happened to their brother and then helps them to process their emotions using art materials , books , and music . Ally then provides recommendations for grief and loss support in the local community .
5:00 PM - Jenny decorates a birthday sign and gathers nurses to sing happy birthday to a 6-year-old boy who has been in the hospital for a whole month . The boy smiles and opens gifts Jenny provided from the donation cabinet .
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The Child Life program at McLane Children ’ s relies heavily on the generosity of our community to fund supplies , activities , and services , all at no cost to the patient . To learn more about how you can help , please contact Lori Luppino at 254-899-3771 , or click here to donate now .
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1 . Sarah Cook , CCLS explains what to expect during Riley ’ s upcoming surgery , demonstrating how doctors will administer anesthesia through her IV . | 2 . Ashley Blackmon , CCLS and Lorenzo comfort and distract Taylor in the Emergency Department while nurse Miranda attends to her injury . | 3 . Kalan Pivoney , CCLS and Emersyn find a little bit of normalcy blowing bubbles in the Child Life playroom .