The Commons Spring 2018: Graduation Edition - Page 9

2018 GRADUATES BRENDAN DONNELLY FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Attending the Latin Conventiculum. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Attend Army Officer Candidate School. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Education works better without the state. DEVON DOORNBOS FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Memorizing one of T. S. Eliot’s “The Four Quartets” for Senior Traditio PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Work full-time. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Break your workload down into smaller tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed. ALEX DOYLE FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: Ripping my dress pants, on stage, right before my first concert. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Pursuing the M.A. at N.S.A. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: The ability to think and write concisely and clearly. NATALIE EVANS B FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: A toss-up between catching frogs and dissecting cats, trying as a class to collectively maintain the ability to speak modern English while studying Middle English, and marking up a whole Bach score with rainbow pencils. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Pursue web development and computer programming. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Romans 8:38-39. JOSHUA FRANCK FAVORITE NSA MEMORY: The herpetology field trip. PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: Moving back to Maryland. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: Rhetoric on the spot. SPRING 2018 9