The Classroom and unavailable only a few years ago, the Computer Screen elementary teachers through doctoral educators at all levels—from supervisors—are casting off the brick- and-mortar settings that have framed Christopher Schlect their interactions with students for centuries. What are we to make of it NEW SAINT ANDREWS all? Are there advantages to online COLLEGE education? 2 Drawbacks? Are some has adopted this paper as the college’s official statement on pedagogy and forms of online education superior to distance learning. It expresses principles that others? guide the college’s own teaching practices and Those who promote online learning partnership arrangements. We invite others point to the internet’s uncanny ability to consider these principles as they navigate to overcome the limitations of time and their own way through ever-changing marketplace of education today. Are there advantages to online education? In our brave new Drawbacks? Are some forms world of screens of online education superior and keyboards, to others? distance. They rightly note that today’s teachers and students need not be in the same town, region, or even in the same teachers are finding novel ways to hemisphere, to interact with one reach their students. 1 The term another. They highlight opportunities “classroom” is far more complicated that mark a recent chapter in what is than it once was. Presented with actually a long history of communication options that were I am grateful to Mary Lou Dovan, Cheryl Gammon, David Goodwin, Viktor Kalmykov, Jenny Rallens, John Schwandt, and also to my colleagues on the faculty of New Saint Andrews College—all of whom contributed ideas and polish to this article. 2 The terms “online” and “internet” have been around awhile now, and they do not describe the wide variety of technological tools being deployed in education today. “Digital” is surely a broader term that captures all manner of channels, devices and platforms, and many educators utilize digital tools even in the context of face-to-face classroom interactions. I am mindful of the limitations of the terms “internet” and “online,” yet I have opted to use them because most readers recognize what they mean, and also because they serve the key distinctions I aim to articulate here. 1 1