The Christmas Guide 2016 - Amazing Oils Magazine Amazing Oils Magazine Christmas Edition 2016 - Page 6

THE CHRISTMAS GUIDE 5 4 Avoid Tap water It’s laced with sodium fluoride, which binds to magnesium, rendering it unavailable to the body. Drink filtered water instead. PREPARED FOR Christmas! 2 5 Ways to Boost Your Magnesium Levels Over the Holidays Stay hydrated! A magnesium moisturiser is the perfect treatment after a day of sun exposure. It will also minimise the appearance of sun & age spots. Beautiful! 5 1 Flake bath for the kids! Boost thier magnesium levels without them knowing. Simply add to their paddling pools. Not only will this help calm and relax, it will aid restful sleep into the evening. Bliss! 3 Swim in the Ocean Ocean water is rich in magnesium! Now there’s no excuse not to take that beach holiday this Christmas. Avoid Common Table Salts They deplete magnesiu m fast. Replace with good quality Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic Sea salt. Pass the sea salt please!