The Chocolate Den e-magazine The Chocolate Den e-magazine April-June 2015 - Page 5

Fathers Day Chocolate Liqueur Bottles There are various methods used to make chocolate liqueurs. The easiest and quickest way is using the following method. The biggest disadvantage is that it has a very short shelf life so you would need to eat your chocolates within ve days. After that the alcohol starts to eat away at the chocolate leaving you with a leaking bottle. and Method Cut up your mould so that you now have individual bottle halves with a 3cm rim around the edge. Fill one half of the mould with chocolate. Place the empty second half of the mould on top of the rst half and seal the two halves together with bulldog clips. Shake the mould so that the chocolate in the one half entirely covers the second half of the mould. Place the mould in the freezer for a minute. Turn the mould onto its opposite side after a minute. Leave for a further four minutes or until set. Once set, unmould your chocolate. Using a pin make two holes in the bottom of the chocolate. Inject a liqueur of your choice into the mould. Seal holes with melted chocolate. (NB it is important to make the holes with a pin so as not to clog up your syringe needle with chocolate. Secondly there needs to be two holes to allow air to escape while syringing in your liqueur.) Fathers Day Chocol