The Checkup Winter Newsletter 2019 | Page 3

YOUNG PHILANTHROPISTS IN ACTION communities. Many FOT Gala attendees contributed to the Hockey Bros campaign with the result that the boys were able to purchase approximately $40,000 in hockey equipment! Tree purchasers Suncor and Finning have hosted skating parties and hockey equipment donations in Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Conklin, and Anzac. Parker and Crus have attended and spoken at each event telling the kids that they just wanted them to have equipment and enjoy the game and bring funds and attention to the Health Foundation. We are very proud of everything the boys have done to bring attention to the rural communities and to the Health Foundation. Watch this video for the full story on the Fort Mac Hockey Bros! L to R: Brent Davis, Finning, Bruno Francoeur, Suncor, Parker Flett, Cindy Amerongen, NLHF, Cruze Flett, Michael Agnew, Suncor, Brad Karp, Country 93.3 Youth philanthropy is on the rise in our region and we have been very grateful for the support from individuals and school groups who are fundraising and volunteering for the Health Foundation. We offer a big thank you to all of our Young Philanthropists and encourage you to keep donating! Most recently guests to the Foundation office have included the Busy Bee Café volunteer team from Westwood High School, the Winter Carnival Committee from Westwood High School and representatives from the Holy Trinity High School who did a class fundraiser. We loved hearing how the fundraising was accomplished and we get really excited to hear how they are learning to support each other and their community through their good work. We also had over 60 youth volunteers for our Festival of Trees weekend who were creating the special events that attract kids and families to festival every year. What could be more powerful than kids helping kids and giving back to the community? We having been keeping a close eye on two youth with a passion for hockey and volunteering who really amped up their fundraising game this year in support of the Foundation. The Fort Mac Hockey Bros, Parker and Cruz Flett, started the fall with a minor campaign to Fill the Box in their backyard with new hockey equipment for kids in the outlying region who didn’t have access to equipment to play the game. The idea took off when Bouchier Contracting and Finning Canada challenged each other to a hockey game in support of the boys’ campaign. When the boys entered a tree in the Health Foundation’s Festival of Trees they had no idea how popular the idea would be. The tree, designed by their mother Allison Flett, featured hockey equipment and gave the purchaser the opportunity to deliver the hockey equipment to the THE NORTHERN LIGHTS HEALTH FOUNDATION 3