The Checkup Winter Newsletter 2019 | Page 2

TELL ME MORE ABOUT THAT TREE! This section is new to the Winter Newsletter and gives an in depth look at a feature tree in the FOT Gala auction. We are looking closely at the Angels Among Us Tree, created by designer Allison Flett and sponsored by CEDA. This tree was an homage to the Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women in Canada and was both heart-stoppingly beautiful and heart- renderingly poignant. In her interview (linked below), Allison tell us that within Indigenous culture, women have an inherent strength and sacred worth. They know what it is to bring life into this world as the ultimate test of spiritual and physical fortitude. Women nurture life, provide an unshakable foundation for families, and teach the ultimate lesson - love. Through her hand-crafted decorations, Allison’s tree expressed a longing for awareness of the mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces and friends that were taken away long before their time. She notes that the magnifying lens asks us to reflect on the topic and answer the question of why the women are missing and where they are. The tiny trees that are missing a limb force us to see how a family and community feel when a loved one is gone. The dreamcatchers seek to trap those terrible feelings of loss and despair, and the compass hopes to lead the loved ones home. And above all, the red dress in many forms and styles is sprinkled throughout the tree to evoke the absence of the Indigenous women all across Canada. This tree was designed for all of us to remember the angels among us. They are the diamond-like glisten in every bright white snowflake, the twinkling of lights through the holiday season and in the stars and angles on the trees. These angels’ lives had great value. They were loved and cherished and are deeply missed by their loved ones and family. This tree had great impact on the Festival of Trees guests and was purchased by Dave Tuccaro and proudly displayed at the offices of the Tuccaro Group of Companies. Please enjoy a deeper conversation with Allison about the Angels Among Us Tree here: Angels Among Us - Festival of Trees 2018 2 WINTER 2019 | THE CHECKUP