The Checkup - Winter 2017 - Page 2

Your Donations Make a Difference! It takes all kinds of programs and technology to support positive, healthy outcomes. Here are some updates on where your donor dollars made a difference in Wood Buffalo: Growing for the Future The Janvier Food Security and Community Garden project was funded as an important initiative to engage children and youth as agents of change in their community. Accessing healthy food and developing good eating habits can be challenging for remote communities and can lead to numerous health issues. Earlier this summer, along with help from Dunvegan Gardens, local children and community elders attended gardening and healthy eating education sessions. They also created 26 garden beds and planted a wide variety of vegetables. In August, the gardens were harvested and a community lunch was held with food grown by the children. Families were also sent home with bundles of vegetables. The next steps for this project is to purchase Tower Gardens for growing healthy food indoors and providing ongoing education sessions. Accuracy Makes all the Difference New handheld vein illuminators are now in use in the Emergency Department of the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre thanks to your donations. Finding veins for drawing blood and inserting IV’s can be particularly challenging in children and elderly patients. These units “light the way” for nurses and make these procedures much safer and comfortable for patients. Having the right tools for our health care professionals improves health care outcomes! Did you know? The Baby Friendly Initiative continues to educate parents on infant care and feeding. This small bead represents the size of a newborn’s stomach and is used to help parents understand that a small amount of breastmilk is sufficient for a baby’s tummy and there is no need for a full bottle of breastmilk substitute. 2 WINTER 2017 | THE CHECKUP