The Checkup Summer 2019 Summer 2019 Newsletter

THE CHECKUP Summer 2019 Daughter Honour’s Dad’s Healthcare Heroes Colin Gillingham was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 23. Last year, he had a blister from a new pair of sneakers which developed into a diabetic ulcer. After becoming extremely infected, turning shades of black and green, Colin was told he’d likely lose his foot. After two six week stints in the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, one skin graft and countless hospital visits and dressing changes– Colin’s foot was saved! “All of the nurses on both floors I received service on were amazing,” said Colin. Calleigh, Colin’s daughter, wanted to thank the heroes who saved her dad’s foot. She decided to hold a lemonade stand, and donate her profits to the Health Centre. She asked her poppy (Dean Bown) to build her a stand, and he did just that. After spending a day at Waterways Park, lots of lemonade, cookies and candy ring pops, Calleigh proudly donated $151! “I felt like it was the only thing a nine year old could really do to raise money. The nurses were really nice so I wanted to give back and say thank you. Even the kids at the park wanted to help me sell lemonade,” said Calleigh. Honour healthcare’s unsung heroes, physicians, nurses, support staff and volunteers who are transforming and saving lives through making a gift to the Northern Lights Health Foundation. Your care provider will receive a special letter letting them know that they’ve been recognized, along with a celebratory “Healthcare Hero” pin they can proudly wear every day to remind them that you care. To Honour your Healthcare Hero, call the Health Foundation office at (780) 791-6041. Calleigh and her Dad Colin