The Checkup Summer 2019 Summer 2019 Newsletter - Page 6

Vision of the Future Thanks to a generous donation from Suncor Energy and the Suncor Energy Foundation, the Northern Lights Health Centre Lobby will be undergoing a transformation.We are in the early stages of ‘visioning’ what the Suncor Heart of Health Lobby could be and are inviting your thoughts and ideas. You may have seen the extensive work going on outside the hospital – new siding, windows, doors and insulation. This three- year project has turned the 1980’s brown metal clad facility into a colorful, modern structure. Inside the hospital there have been many upgrades and massive renovations in the past five years. A new emergency department now serves over 70,000 patients a year. The expanded Maternal Child Ward serves over 1200 moms annually and the new patient rooms on the 2 nd floor mean more surgical and medicine patients can receive treatment. It starts with patients It starts with a meeting place It starts with welcome As part of the Gratitude Campaign there are even more changes and additions coming inside the facility. The Palliative Care Ward, featuring three family sized suites and a family lounge, has moved from the consultation and design stage through to construction planning. The Minimally Invasive Surgical suites project, which will upgrade the four surgery theaters, is just finishing the consultation stage. All of these upgrades represent a changing, evolving health system that maximizes the hospital footprint and adds additional capacity to treat more of our community members in better and different ways. It makes sense now to turn our attention to the lobby. When we understand the importance of the lobby as a meeting place, a reflection place, a quiet space, a lunch room, a place to play cards, a place to get knowledge about the hospital departments, or a place to interact with others and gain support, we then see the lobby as a place of impact. Imagine a lobby illuminated by sunlight, open spaces and comfortable and inviting furniture. Imagine a place that from the moment you enter, you feel reassured and confident that you and your loved ones will be well cared for. Imagine a hub where our community and staff can take pride in their hospital in a space that conveys the quality of health care initiatives happening inside. The care, comfort and safety of our patients and their loved ones are at the core of all that we do. The refurbished and renovated lobby may include new furniture, improved lighting, more seating, and power stations for electronics, handicapped accessible washrooms, and wayfinding to direct individuals to various areas of the facility. The lobby will reflect our Indigenous and multi-cultural communities. It will become the Heart of Health – reflecting the care and compassion delivered everyday within the hospital. Please help us envision the future of the lobby by participating in one of our community ‘visioning’ workshops this summer. Community workshops are scheduled for June 26 from 5:00 pm -7:00 pm and July 23, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. 6 SUMMER 2019 | THE CHECKUP