The Checkup Spring 2018 | Page 4

Donor Funding Update New equipment for Orthopedics Department Your donations are making operations here at the Health Centre safer for both patients and surgeons. OR Manager Breanne Kinney models the latest in head and face protection during orthopedic surgeries: it’s called the Flyte Helmet by Stryker. Thanks to our donors, we have funded three of these helmets and they are designed to prevent infection and contamination by increasing the sterile area surrounding the surgeon. These helmets have a large shield for good visibility and a fan inside to keep the surgeon cool and comfortable. Your donations have also helped us fund new surgical tools that are larger, designed to be more powerful with a longer lasting battery, more accurate and more efficient. These high- powered drills and saws result in patients spending less time in surgery and are critical pieces of equipment for our local surgeons. You Make a Difference! Your support of the Northern Lights Health Foundation IS the difference. Your gifts and generosity resonate through health care facilities across Wood Buffalo and reach patients daily through advanced technology, programs and services such as: Food Security Program and community garden in Janvier New equipment for orthopedic surgeries 4 Dental Care Program at the Centre of Hope Youth Mental Health Navigator Telehealth Infrastructure SPRING 2018 | THE CHECKUP