The Checkup Fall Winter 2019 Newsletter Fall Winter 2019 - Page 7

You may give a gift once a year, or through monthly donations, or at a special event or a planned or memorial gift, and each and every donation has a great impact on the health and wellness of the people in our region. Here are some examples of where your health donations have been allocated over the past few months: GE Mini Telemetric Monitoring System The GE Mini Telemetric Monitoring System for Labouring Mothers is a simple and completely wireless monitoring system that allows for mobility during the labouring process. Mothers can move around freely and will not need to be confined to a bed to be monitored. Positive Immunization Experience (P.I.E.) A Public Health initiative to help children overcome their fear and anxiety of receiving needles - especially immunizations. The educational tools and resources for nurses and comfort strategies for families can help reduce the pain of immunizations for younger clients and establish strong coping mechanisms for future health services. Jackson Spinal Top Surgical Table Over $157,000 for the Jackson Spinal Top Surgical Table which allows for optimal visualization and patient placement for all types of procedures for orthopedic fracture and trauma, pelvic reconstruction, orthopedic and neuro-spine, pain management and general procedures. THE NORTHERN LIGHTS HEALTH FOUNDATION 7