The Checkup Fall Winter 2019 Newsletter Fall Winter 2019 - Page 4

YOUNG PHILANTHROPISTS CELEBRATED Youth philanthropy is on the rise in our region and we have been very grateful for the support from individuals and school groups who are fundraising and volunteering for the Health Foundation. This past fall we had an opportunity to bring in many of the young people who donated the funds they had raised to help sick kids, elders and families. These young friends of the foundation came together with community donors to receive appreciation for their fundraising efforts and have a guided tour of the Diagnostic Imaging department. The gathering also gave us the opportunity to unveil new equipment for the Diagnostic Imaging department - two new immobilizers to keep children safe and still during x-ray procedures - the Burton Bike and a multi-positioning chair for infants. The DI department also showed off the equipment used for a wide range of services including ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT scans), and general radiography (x-ray). The kids were enthralled and asked terrific questions. “The Burton Bike looks just like a mountain bike and I think it could be fun for a kid to be on it when they have their x-ray taken. I didn’t know the hospital had this really cool equipment and could do so much for kids right here,” said Joey Osmond, “I’m really happy that my brother and I did our fundraiser and I feel like we are helping other people to get better.” We offer a big thank you to all of our Young Philanthropists and encourage kids and families to get involved by hosting a fundraiser in support of the Health Foundation. Cora Therrien with the Burton Bike 4 WINTER 2020 | THE CHECKUP