The Checkup Fall Winter 2019 Newsletter Fall Winter 2019 - Page 3

Every year the Health Foundation adds creative elements and a sense of fun and whimsy to our signature events, and do you want to know our secret? Its sponsor confidence expressed through annual and multi-year commitments. Knowing that reoccurring sponsors have our back means we can make adjustments to the program, décor, entertainment, and ambiance to keep our events flexible and interesting. It’s really important for the events to showcase the Health Foundation fundraising goals and to balance that against ensuring sponsors, donors, and guests attend a phenomenal event. Having long-term and reoccurring sponsors means that we can be absolutely focused on exploring the creativity that attracts attendees, and containing costs means we deliver on budget with the net proceeds going to support health care initiatives. Let’s meet some of our amazing long-term sponsors: Tuccaro Group Tuccaro, a privately owned diverse group of companies, has played a vital role in our community since 1985 and have been sponsors and supporters of the Health Foundation since our early beginnings. A lead sponsor for the Festival of Trees and the Spring Fling, and a senior donor to the Gratitude Campaign, Dave Tuccaro has demonstrated his desire to ensure that our region has the best possible healthcare services and technology. He consistently provides funding and leadership support to advance our mission and helps keep our events fun and engaging. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) Sponsoring both of the signature events at the Diamond level, CNRL is a generous and sustaining partner. Festival of Trees is enriched by the Ladies Holiday Luncheon presented by Canadian Natural and the luncheon has kicked off the whole weekend of festival activities for the past seven years. For over 23 years CNRL has supported the Health Foundation signature events, health programs and capital campaigns and have made major investments in improving health care and health outcomes throughout the region. Birch Mountain Enterprises Our two signature events, Festival of Trees and Spring Fling, are wildly popular and very attractively presented and we know that it is in great part because of our Audio, Visual and Decor sponsor Birch Mountain Enterprises (BME). BME has also supported a fundraising race team and infrastructure for our newest event – the Hospital Bed Races. We are having a lot of fun with the leadership and employees of Birch Mountain Enterprises as they actively participate in health funding initiatives. We offer a huge thank you to all our sponsors and look forward to featuring your company in an upcoming issue of The Checkup! THE NORTHERN LIGHTS HEALTH FOUNDATION 3