The Checkup Fall Winter 2019 Newsletter Fall Winter 2019 - Page 2

TELL ME MORE ABOUT THAT TREE! An in depth look at a feature tree in the 2019 Festival of Trees Gala auction We are looking closely at the Operation Bear Hug Tree, created and sponsored by Finning Canada. This tree was beary popular throughout the whole weekend of Festival and hundreds of people took photos of loved ones with it. Cleverly constructed by the masterminds at Finning, the tree was fashioned on a frame of supports and graduated wire rings. The frame was then covered with 275 bright eyed white teddies, each sporting a red bow tie. Topping the tree was a big, fluffy red teddy angel and at the bottom of the tree was an even bigger fluffy red teddy complete with stethoscope! Aside from being super cute, the tree was deeply impactful as it reminded us of the relationship between the object (the tree) and the reason for the tree. The Finning Operation Bear Hug Tree acknowledged that the Festival of Trees events are entirely about fundraising for healthcare and supporting community members in need of loving care, a soft touch, and a warm hug. At the 30 th Anniversary Festival of Trees Gala Live Auction this sweet tree sold for $38,000! Now, that could have been the end of the story, but for these bears it was just the beginning as they still needed to get to their fur- ever homes. And that was made possible by the purchasers of the Operation Bear Hug Tree – Suncor Energy. As a long-time supporter of the Health Foundation, Suncor has always sought unique and interesting ways to ensure their gifts and donations have deep impact. They purchased this tree with the direct intention of donating it to the hospital. The tree was on display in the hospital’s Suncor Heart of Health Lobby for a few weeks and then Suncor and Finning leaders had the opportunity to tour the hospital and help make the holidays even brighter by distributing bears to patients throughout the hospital. We hope you enjoyed this closer look at the meaning behind the Operation Bear Hug Tree and will join us in giving thanks to Finning and Suncor for keeping the joy of the Festival season going. 2 WINTER 2020 | THE CHECKUP